• Shirley L. Grindle

    DA Tony Rackauckas has been a rotten apple since Day 1. He has continually shown favoritism in the individuals he prosecutes by never going after his political friends. He has ignored his responsibility to enforce violations of the County Campaign Ordinance — which resulted in his political cohorts not being prosecuted. At least Carona ended up in prison through no fault of Rackauckas/s (who had repeatedly ignored complaints about Carona’s campaign violations). It is time for Rackauckas and his sidekick Susan Schroeder to depart County government. Until they are gone, there is no possibility that things will change under their regime. There will just be more excuses.

  • verifiedsane

    This injustice and the government crimes has operated unchecked for decades. It took one rare honest judge to call it out. Where was the rest of the judiciary for all these years? The snitch scandal is just barely scratching the surface of OC public servant and court room corruption. Most of the time the judges are just another clog and participant in these criminal activities and influence peddling schemes.

    One would need to look no further than OC family/probate courts where judicial cronyism are an institutionalized and ongoing racketeering criminal practice. All these crimes are done in secret (out of sight; with no jury or public scrutiny) and under the state legislature ruse of complete judicial immunity even for the most egregious actions of a sitting judiciary agent.

    If you believe the sheriff/DA snitch scandal is disturbing (and it definitely is); I would purpose it palls in comparison of gross acts of injustice happening to thousands upon thousands of California families, individuals, and innocent victims by Judicial & public servant cronyism malfeasance happening each and everyday in OC courtrooms. It continues today because no one is really looking, cares much until it happens to them, or does anyone want to rattle the cronyism cage of this deemed sacred legal cash cow, or deal with the governmental retribution that will surely follow.

  • OCservant_Leader

    The OC Corruption is threatening the core of our Democracy.

    Have we confirmed if the “snitch tank”‘was in the medical unit? Weren’t the Feds sniffing around that unit a few years back?

  • LFOldTimer

    How soon will the BoS or even one city council or OCSD contract city grow a pair, step up to the plate and demand by public resolution for our police and prosecutors to start acting like honest sworn public trust officials rather highly paid gang thugs who disrespect our laws and have each other’s backs?

    The stink from the rotted fish is unmistakable. Judge Goethals smelled it. The host of reputable legal experts who wrote the USAG smelled it. The OC Grand Jury smelled it. The California Appellate Court smelled it. And now the Feds smell it.

    Maybe public safety political donations and endorsements have plugged the nose of the BoS and the city councils.

    Yet when it comes time to approve an OCSD pay raise or an increased OCSD budget all the complicit pols tell us we need to ‘back the badge’ regardless whether the ‘badge’ conducts itself like a common low-life street gang.

    Once again: Silence is Complicity.

    But watch them put their hands over their hearts and recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” at the start of their meetings. ha. “with liberty and justice for all”. lol.

    What happened to my country?

  • Cynthia Ward

    Tip of the iceberg is correct. In addition to DA’s cover for law enforcement, at some point someone needs to look at the many cases of misconduct in local government agencies the DA has failed to follow up on. In many cases the issues are widely reported right here in Voice of OC, and I believe in a County with a REAL District Attorney on the job, we would have had investigations in Anaheim and Santa Ana (at the very least.) Yet those who pal around with the DA get a free pass. One has to pursue their own city with civil litigation to get anywhere, and how many citizens are willing to put themselves (and their bank accounts) through that nightmare? The few of us who have tried have been abused and attacked and made examples of, so that nobody else wants to step out and take the same beating. The FPPC is limited in their enforcement, and the DA is often the enforcer for those violations anyway. The fish not only rots from the head down, it pollutes the water it is sitting in. For those who think their own home towns are immune to the stench of rotting carp, wait for it.

    • David Zenger

      “…someone needs to look at the many cases of misconduct in local government agencies the DA has failed to follow up on.”

      Ackerman illegally lobbying for his OC Fair board pals to sell the Fair – to themselves. Rackauckas passed on that – TWICE.

  • David Zenger

    Just another disgruntled, criminal coddling liberal who hates law enforcement.

    No wait. That won’t work anymore.