• Steve W.

    Isn’t this the same Debbie Cook who a few years ago was running around saying the world is about to run out of oil? Talk about lack of credibility.

  • Rivett

    “With a straight face, they propose to build much needed desert fire hydrants that the railroad can use to put out non-existent fires. ”

    Yeah whatever. How hot does sand have to get before it burns? Also, if anyone’s spent time living in the desert, and I’m talking about reasonably populated areas like 29 Palms or Yucca Valley, you know what fire response time is like. No one will be there until there’s nothing left but a charred slab, and the fire guys know this so they don’t even try.

  • Vern Pat Nelson

    They were fun writing about, four years ago or so…


    • David Zenger

      Vern, do you remember the process by which an OC water district was lead agency to review an EIR for a project in San Bernardino County?

  • RyanCantor

    OCWD: Please stop being stupid. This means in very simple terms: No to Poseidon. No to Cadiz.


    All of us.

  • Paul Lucas

    The new majority on Anaheim’s dais is united in ousting Jordan from the OCWD board asap.