• ContinentalDrifter

    Accurate article and responsibly written as the blame for unauthorized trail creation is shared between all user groups and by trail users; some who don’t know any better, and many that know full well what they are doing. There are portions of hikers, bikers and equestrians who reflect poorly on their user group, as well as responsible members who contribute greatly from each group. Education and outreach is the answer in an ideal world as Ms. Schlotterbeck seems to be in agreement with, but when not effective (for those knowingly creating and/or riding unauthorized trails), resource agencies need to step up with stiffer enforcement/fines… whether increased enforcement has political backing by State and County elected officials who pander to their constituents rather than the resources they have agreed to steward is a bigger question. Also needing to be looked at is a large public campaign to call out third party apps (Strava, etc.) who take no responsibility for user created content promoting unauthorized trails. Strava and others have amplified the problem- unauthorized trails that previously saw occasional use are now being used many times daily leaving land managers with little to no hope at maintaining the balance.