• Gila Jones

    Perhaps Mr. Whitaker attended school in a state other than California — one where the education wasn’t very good and students didn’t learn how to read charts and graphs. By *no* measure are California’s public schools “bottom in the nation,” and by *no* measure do we spend the most per pupil. The *facts* are that California’s per pupil spending lags that of the nation as a whole, (https://edsource.org/2017/how-does-california-rank-in-per-pupil-spending-it-all-depends/577405) and because school performance tends to track per pupil spending our rankings of educational quality also lag. But the *worst* state school systems are consistently considered to be those of states such as Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi, Idaho, and Alabama.

  • Bill Colver

    Is this what republican president Donald Trump calls “fake news?”

  • Rintrah

    Next election cycle, bye bye Darrell, Mimi, Dona.

  • Citizens for Animal Shelter, O

    Dear Mr. Whitaker, The city of Orange is also the home of the much respected Chapman University and also houses the Albert Schweitzer Institute. Albert Schweitzer was know for his reverence for all life including animals. My beliefs are in alignment with Mr. Schweitzer. It is very disconcerting that you, as a City of Orange council member and chairman of the Central Republican committee your actions appear to not adhere nor support this belief. If only you did, you could make such a positive difference in Orange county. I attempted to deliver this message to the Board of Supervisors back in October 2016 when I brought this up during the discussion of an agenda item on the internship and co-operative education with Chapman University. Not only was I ignored but Chair person Lisa Bartlett cut me off while I was speaking. The county reported close to 8,000 animals euthanized at the county shelter in 2015 with the city of Orange being a lead contributor. If you are interested in improving the reputation of Orange county regarding this issue, I would be happy to meet with you.

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    Running for local offices used to be non-partisan until the OC Republican Central Committee announced they would be endorsing candidates for local office. Until them, it didn’t matter which party you were registered with. I am disappointed the Republican Central Committee is of the belief that only Republicans should be in local offices — that is so wrong. Apparently the only thing that matters to them is the party affiliation — to heck with whether they are otherwise qualified to be in office.

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    Seems to me the Republican Party should be more selective in who they back for re-election. At least one of the candidates they mentioned is known by all the County insiders to be of less than “good moral character”.

  • David Zenger

    “The Republican Party is squarely focused on offering alternative, limited government, local government, common sense proposals in contrast to the massive bureaucratic state and “government as savior” approach of the Democrats.”

    Dear Fred,

    Generalities are easy.

    Please provide some concrete OC examples of your principles in action in your next essay. It should be super-easy what with all those Republican electeds you brag about.