Guest Editorial: Measure E is a Hoax by OC Supervisors

Measure E is a hoax, It is moot and deceptive.

It is moot because the legislation which would have allowed the Sacramento-based Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to become our “ethics” commission was defeated in the legislature.

Thus, even if Measure E passes, the FPPC will not be allowed to enforce our local campaign ordinance.

Also, the Title of Measure E is deceptive.

It reads: “Authorize Ethics Commission to Enforce County Campaign Finance Rules”.

What “Ethics Commission? Orange County does not have an Ethics Commission and the FPPC is NOT an Ethics Commission.

Why did the board of supervisors put this Measure on the ballot?

They want voters to think they are getting an Ethics Commission when in reality, an Ethics Commission is the last thing the majority of the Board wants.

Voting for Measure E will not give us an Ethics Commission – it is simply a ruse to obtain your vote.

Enforcement of our local campaign ordinance should be handled locally.

When the State denied the bill that would allow the FPPC to contract with Orange County, the state legislators said “Local matters should be left to local agencies and the FPPC should keep its focus on State government”.

We couldn’t agree more.

The solution to handling campaign violations and ethics issues lies solely with the formation of a local Ethics Commission – not with a contract with the FPPC.

William R. Mitchell is the former chairman of OC Common Cause, Fred Smoller is a professor of Political Science at Chapman University, Dave Baker is a former grand jury foreman and Shirley Grindle is the author of Orange County’s campaign finance ordinance.

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