• Isaac

    For so long Latinos have been seen as a negative asset to the US, now that we seek to empower ourselves for the better, we face opposition? This proposal is aimed on bringing cultures together and opening wellness opportunities to everyone, regardless of race. Embracing Latino culture in down town is only one of the many ideas people in the community had. In doing so, many job opportunities will arise. Do you find china town or little Saigon exclusive? What would make “La Calle Cuatro” any different? Economic growth, accessible wellness goods, more green spaces, amazing Hispanic products.. I am sure this will benefit all of Santa Ana not just Hispanics

  • Proposed Wellness District in Downtown Santa Ana Gets Early OK
    Are you telling me that obese Mexican pus is not a wellness?

  • hcat

    What is “Wellness” in Santa Ana- curanderos and herb shops?

  • Brad

    Adopting Calle Cuatro will DRIVE EVERYONE AWAY! Nope! No way! As a Santa Ana homeowner…no way will I vote for that! Downtown does not need to take 20 steps back! DON’T YOU PEOPLE REMEMBER ANYTHING?

  • [The establishment of an “inclusive” economic development plan]……… Hmmmmm

    Inclusive?….. If everything is in the Mexican language?

    How about “Čtvrtá Ulice” in lieu of “Calle Cuatro”?