Tickets Available for Anaheim’s State of the City Address

Tickets are now available for Anaheim’s state of the city address by Mayor Tom Tait, which is slated for Tuesday, Feb. 3.

“Be among the first to hear about the City’s progress and new efforts to invigorate our economy and invest in future generations,” states an email invitation sent out by the city on Thursday.

Individual tickets cost $60, and are available at this link.  Tables of 10 can also be purchased, starting at $1,500.

Proceeds are slated to go toward programs for Anaheim’s at-risk youth.

Mayor Tom Tait describes this year’s address as an important symbolic departure, given that it will not be organized by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.

Instead, the city will partner with the nonprofit Orange County Community Foundation to produce the event.

Proceeds will go to the foundation’s Accelerate Change Together for Anaheim (ACT Anaheim) fund, which is making targeted grants to other nonprofits that cater to the city’s older at-risk children.

“The chamber has ample ways to raise money through other means by, my gosh it’s the business community — these kids in Anaheim are the people that need help,” Tait said at a December City Council meeting when the change was approved.

“The state of the city belongs to the people, and not the Chamber of Commerce.”

Here are more details on the event:

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 3
Location: City National Grove of Anaheim
2200 E. Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA 92806
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Tickets: $60, available here.

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  • Cynthia Ward

    BTW-Tuesday’s agenda shows ITEM 7, scoring the Chamber a fat $167K a year taxpayer funded contract to host events. Of course, NO BID, which someone needs to look into, because if I recall correctly NO BID is reserved for someone with such specialized skill that the local agency would be hard pressed to find someone else with that skill set to bid for the contract, or that they tried and failed to find others to bid. Really?

    The Contract with the City says that Todd Ament’s employment with the Chamber, offering his special skill set, is a key reason why the Chamber is getting the contract. I do not know what it is Todd does that an event planner could not do for less, he alienates small businesses, pisses people off, costs way too much for his inflated salary, and that line in itself is contrary to any free market philosophy, if the Chamber board finds a new CEO who does a better job (like my cat?) they should be allowed to hire them, as long as they deliver on a baseline it is none of the City’s business who they use to perform a specific defined function, which should ONLY be contractually demanded in the case of a licensed profession like having an engineer on the team to provide a stamped document for building plans etc. Looks like someone figured out how to keep Ament employed, gee, was the Board making noise about Ament’s failure to deliver?

    Restaurants pay for a space at the Taste of Anaheim, but the Chamber still collects a fat check from Anaheim, because the event has to cover the cost of the event PLUS the fat six figure salary of the Chamber CEO. Putting it out to bid for the restaurants to buy into with an event planner would bring the cost WAY down.

    I can see a public benefit to the City underwriting a job fair, but again I don’t know what special skill set the Chamber brings to hosting the event, their involvement over many years has not prevented Anaheim from being BEHIND the County as a whole for employment, and small business is leaving the Chamber in droves because they only seem to benefit or even recognize, big corporate entities. You know, big enough to have a discretionary fund for Todd’s PAC activities, and run by executives not tied to Anaheim and thus not living with the effects of the PAC activities their funding promotes.

    As far as the Business Awards event, that is a function of the Chamber, something to be paid for by their members, in fact once upon a time I think it WAS paid for by their members until the Chamber figured out how to shift that onto the backs of taxpayers. What function of government is involved with awarding businesses for doing business? You open a business, you invest, work hard, and you pocket the profits as you should. Yes, businesses pay taxes, so do homeowners, it is the price you pay for ensuring City services are in place. How is it my responsible to underwrite some portion of applauding what are sure to be the insider Chamber crowd for extracting (earned and deserved) profits from Anaheim? That $167k would put a cop on the street for the same year, gee, did Council not just CLAIM to make that a priority? Then quit spending for stupid stuff like this that does NOTHING to benefit the average taxpayer, and is merely payback for the hammer in Curt Pringle’s toolbox that was put to work during the election (Without much success but payback is payback.)

  • Cynthia Ward

    From last year’s State of the City announcement over at the Chamber website;

    “As the largest city in Orange County and the tenth largest city
    in the state, what happens in Anaheim not only impacts our local businesses but the county and the state. Each year the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce hosts the State of the City in order for LOCAL BUSINESSES (?!) to know what is happening in our great city.”

    The Chamber forgot that State of the City is NOT about how businesses may tap into government funding, but it is a report to ALL taxpayers on the condition of the entity we ALL financially support! In fact, when you back out the costs of the Disney bonds from 1997, the percentage of General Fund generated by PROPERTY TAX exceeds that of TOT by far, so why is it that homeowners (or renters who pay property tax indirectly through their rent) are given second class status behind the ‘big money” of corporate hotel chains and Le Mouse?

    Once upon a time State of the City was not a grand gala, only a special Council meeting like the budget hearings, I think Tom Daly may have been the first to turn it into an “event” and of course Pringle turned it into a multi-media spectacular, offering the trough feeding crowd “access” to elected officials. No hidden message there…

    I applaud the Mayor for dumping the Chamber who turned it into an “insiders only” event, but I would suggest pushing one step further, and taking a page from the non-profit playbook. Many of the community organizations host an Annual Business meeting which ties into a big dinner or lunch, BUT they offer the option of coming early and buying the meal, perhaps hear some interesting speakers, and THEN any paid member in good standing of the group (that would be any Anaheim resident or business owner in this case) could enter and hear the actual “business meeting” of Tait’s update conducted without charge. The city DOES make the info available online by video and we can read the written transcript of the Mayor’s speech on the City’s website, but I would love to see us take one step further into eliminating the “two Anaheims” and divide the paid luncheon from the actual presentation of public information to the citizens of this city. My two cents. If there is going to be a fundraiser, I am glad the money goes to a good cause, and will support it.

  • David Zenger

    “The state of the city belongs to the people, and not the Chamber of Commerce.”

    Now that’s a refreshing perspective.

    • RyanCantor

      Love. It. The Chamber spent well into the six figures promulgating their own political perspective in 2014. Voters rejected every single candidate and measure backed by the Chamber– save one. In most cases, overwhelmingly. So long as the Chamber believes its mission is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in local politics to promote ideas the people hate, the city shouldn’t be giving them a dime.

      • David Zenger

        Yep, all that dough wasted to promote candidates and issues near and dear to the Kleptocratic Weltanschauung. This group is completely isolated from reality – withing a cocoon of its own creation; and I don’t think a butterfly is about to emerge anytime soon. Well, the choice is theirs if they would prefer to remain in the larval stage.

        By the way, what do you suppose happened to “Anaheim Insider”? That was quite a disappearing act.

        • RyanCantor

          Who knows. But let’s hope if Insider decides to start running his or her mouth again, that he or she will have the courage and common decency to use a real name.

          But who am I kidding. Courage and decency from the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce? Pretty sure that went out the window along with paying payroll taxes.