A live map of the latest earthquakes in Orange County and active earthquake faults. The latest available quake and fault data is turned ON by default and the other metadata described below is OFF by default (click the arrow button at the top left of the map to turn on individual layers).


  • The latest earthquakes in Orange County and the surrounding region — refreshed at least every half hour, all quakes over a 1.0 magnitude, a live feed that includes the past 7 days of quake activity, from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Points for larger magnitude events are larger than those with small magnitudes. If you feel an earthquake and would like to report so, you can click the map point for a large quake and there will be a link for “Did you feel it.”
  • Active earthquake faults, from the USGS.
  • Map points showing epicenters (studied for recent quakes, estimated epicenters for historical quakes) and details on those quakes from the USGS.
  • Areas that are liquefaction zones.
  • Areas that are estimated to be prone to landslides.
  • An estimate of shaking potential by area from the latest USGS report published in 2016.