• aristotle

    Term limits must be repealed. There is no time or will to govern. You must ALWAYS be in a fundraising mode. Ask any past governor about term limits and you will find they all oppose them. Planning Commission to City Council to County Supervisor to Assembly to Senate to Supervisor…. ad nauseum….

  • Jose Joe Moreno

    I believe a great percentage of the votes cast for councilman Chris Phan would have conceivably gone to candidate Andrew Do, making the added Fountain Valley part irrelevant.

    However, I think many are missing the reality that Lou Correa gave up this seat for bigger and better things and instead of sticking around and insuring the Latino voting power was not diluted, he looked after himself and left.

    It very much appears to me that Vietnamese voters don’t complain about elections or situations that show that have no representation (e.g. West Santa Ana) they go out and vote.

    I think that if demographic and voting trends continue in Santa Ana, we are a few election cycles away from having a Vietnamese-American council member or two and/or a Mayor.

    Meanwhile, expect no challenges of the at-large voting, district based system discriminating against anybody in the Vietnamese community.

  • Inverts in Transparency, donate now…….. Hmmmmmm

    Folks, do you want to invest into invisible comments?

  • Steve W.

    The Democrats’ obsession with race is sickening. Let’s carry their racialism all the way through and segregate voters according to their ethnicity. We’ll have supe primary elections based on race: two elections in which only Latinos can vote, two open only to white voters, and one for Asians. The growing mixed-race population can self-identity and pick their racial primary. And we can add two supervisor seats that only women can vote for; white males can fend for themselves. Then everybody will have “authentic” representation, because our race, which we cannot choose or control, is the beginning and end of who we are in the minds of these idiots.

  • Robert Darley

    The Claudio Gallegos fellow sounds pretty knowlegable, please tell us more, what are his professional qualifications, is he a voter? how about his family? Is he a college graduate? Which “democratic” candidates is he “consulting” for? There hasn’t been to much success there lately?
    I would hate to learn that the Liberal OC, Oop’s, I mean Voice Of OC has pinned their hopes on an out of work blogger, an unemployed accountant/veterans advocate (who NEVER went to war) and my favorite: Zeke Hernandez.
    Seriously, we know Adam and company likes to credit the 70 something year-old lady, who has no formal education or can use a computer as a “political watchdog”, I just hope he is not pinning Correa’s and the DPOC on an assistant manager at a Del Taco.
    This is becoming a ridiculously partisan website. You should hire Greg Diamond to round out the cause!

    • “The Claudio Gallegos fellow sounds pretty knowlegable(SIC), please tell us more, what are his professional qualifications, is he a voter?”……….. Hmmmmmm

      Claudio is co-founder of the Orange Juice Blog (“OJB”) and acquired most of his political knowledge from Editor-in-Chief Art Pedroza. Then he start heavily drinking and as result started hating Adolf H.i.t.l.e.r. Now, I believe he is recovering alcoholic like convicted felon Vern Nelson who took over the OJB from Gallegos and Pedroza.

      FYI, they are both left-liberal-progressive-bolsheviks and are promulgating bovine leftist philosophy.

    • @Dan Chmielewski

      Robert, apply your questioning to yourself. Are you a voter? What about your family? Did you graduate from college and where/when? What was the name of the surf shop you claim to have owned? Nice to see you here again Henry Gattis…..the Del Taco comment was a dead giveaway.
      Claudio is not elected and requires no scrutiny from people like you. His record in the last election cycle was very high. Without getting into specifics, he is a married father of two great kids, he is gainfully employed and has a consulting business in addition to his job, and he is a college graduate. You can pull records of candidates who ran for office and see which ones paid for the valuable services Claudio offered in the last election. And for Fiala below, Claudio is not an alcoholic and your statement about him is libelous.

      • “And for Fiala below, Claudio is not an alcoholic and your statement about him is libelous.”………. Hmmmmmm

        Mr. Chameleonovsky, are you legally advising Claudio to frivolously sue me as you did Pedroza?

        Bring it on so I can depose both of you clowns and publish your depositions here for an entertainment.

        Maybe we can learn more about Claudio than his alcoholism.

        We can also ask you about lot of dirt you intellectual midget.

        Caveat: The sword has double edge!

        My legal information to both of you: You can retain Jewish barracuda lawyer Esq. Diamond #256598 (it looks like he needs a case) and ask him to send me threatening letter. LOL

  • Arturo Lomeli

    It really is not complicated. Every one knew the race was vitnamese voter turn out against Hispanic voter turn out. Do got his community excited to vote by giving them reasons ( their best interests as a community championed ). Correa lacked here so the Hispanic Community stayed home did not get reasons ( their best interest as a community ) to come out and vote. Do …..understood this clearly as he pointed out in the article. You can not campaign generically when you need a specific community to vote in order to win. LESSON LEARNED I HOPE.

    • From the above comment it is clear that Dr. Amalgam is dividing his world along the racial lines.

      In contrast, I divide my world into two groups of people: stupid and smart.

    • Robert Darley

      There is no question Do simply did a better job than did Correa. Which is amazing considering the resources Correa had at his disposal. It’s almost as if he felt entitled or was so naïve. Lomeli is 100% right. Do simply ran a better campaign. Imagine of there hadn’t been the vote splitters!
      Pray tell DPOC (and OCEA) how you allowed Lou Correa to hire a kid with a losing record, no college degree and is himself INELIGABLE to vote! Spend an extra ten grand on a professional and you have the election in the bag! Heck, pay someone who can read and write proper English and you double your chances.
      Just a poorly run campaign by Lou and now he’s bringing in the lawyers to clean up his mess.

  • So counties can still Gerrymander?………. Hmmmmm

    That is archaic expression!

    As we speak the progressives are legalizing 20,000,000 Latino-Leftist-Sleeper-Cells spread all over USA, making the USA one big leftist p.i.s.s.i.n.g ground headed by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Hussein Obama II — no suffrage.

    There will be no election in 2016.

  • Claudio W. Gallegos

    I will add that while the numbers are not there for the Asian community to have a “Section 2” protected seat, it does not mean that a district where they are the plurality of the population and a large amount of the eligible voters should not be created. It absolutely should be. Who are we, as Latinos, to demand a districts be drawn for us and deny the Asian community the same right. Both communities deserve a district at the Assembly, Congressional, Senate and Supervisorial level where they can elect the representative of their choice.

    • Mike Tardif

      Assuming that you are correct Claudio – why did we not heard about this before the election?

  • Smeagel4T

    Oh wait a minute. So counties can still Gerrymander? Sheesh. I had assumed the elimination of Gerrymandering was for all offices statewide. My bad. This is a MUCH MUCH MUCH bigger issue. Gerrymandering needs to be eliminated statewide (actually nationwide) at all levels of government. Period. I don’t care whether that annoys Democrats in one area and Republicans in another area. This has to do with ethics and morality. The parties should not be permitted to control their own election districts.

    Plus we need to get the corrupting influence of money out of politics, and eliminate all regulations that provide any advantages to any particular political party, or collection of parties, regardless of which party it is. After the corruption of money, one of the largest ills the US suffers from is our artificially created two party system. Other countries benefit greatly from the parties having to compromise and form coalitions with other parties in order to have a majority.

  • “Should the Race Between Andrew Do and Lou Correa Have Even Happened?”……… Hmmmmm

    Yes! Because it ended era of one Latino fool.

    Thanks to the term limits Correa was hopping from one office to an another like if he was dice on the checkerboard.

    However, every time so called minority loses it is called racism by progressive moron mongoloids.

    Mr. Hussein Obama II took it one step further the other day. He claims that ISIS terror and evil is a OK because allegedly Christians did same thing, going back to 11 century, disregarding the fact that Christians were defending themselves against the same “Islam Terrorists” of the expanding Ottoman Empire

    • Smeagel4T

      I rather prefer sticking to reality instead of rants.

      • “I rather prefer sticking to reality instead of rants”…. Hmmmmm

        On what TV channels can I watch it?

  • David Zenger

    It wasn’t just about creating Vietnamese-heavy district. It was about creating a Republican district, a goal cherished by those who really think it makes a difference.

    The Fifth Floor received visits by the usual assortment of Party plungers pushing for a perpetual 5-0 majority.