Brown Re-Appoints Two Fair Board Members

Two members of the Orange County fair board, Nick Berardino and Gerardo Mouet, have been re-appointed to new four-year terms by Gov. Jerry Brown, his office announced Friday.

Berardino is general manager of the Orange County Employees Association, the county’s largest public employees union, and Mouet is Santa Ana’s executive director of parks and recreation.  Both have served on the board since 2011.

Previous board members were the subject of significant scrutiny regarding an effort in 2009 and 2010 to privatize the fairgrounds and use public funds for the lobbying effort.

Gov. Brown killed the sale effort after being sworn-in in 2011, and he appointed a new slate of board members, including Berardino and Mouet, who have supported keeping the land in public hands.

You can contact Nick Gerda at, and follow him on Twitter: @nicholasgerda.

  • Vern Pat Nelson

    Nick and Gerardo (and Stan and Ashley) have been great members – what a change they ushered in! Good to see ’em staying.

  • Anon

    Brown is a moron who never should’ve been voted back as governor. All he’s doing is destroying California with his idiotic decrees. My dog could do a better job than him.

    As for Nick, I’m, sadly, an OCEA member – only way I could get dental insurance. Nick’s a jerk, an ineffectual leader who only cares about himself. OCEA itself is a horrible union that doesn’t care about the employees. They just care about spreading LIES about what being a Charter City is like so they can keep Costa Mesa under their money hungry thumbs. Nick and OCEA should just go away forever.