Norby: A Conservative’s Case for Sanchez in Senate Race

Alone of the announced candidates in the 2016 Senate race, Loretta Sanchez actually has a Congressional voting record on federal issues. On just two of her most defining votes, she would have saved every American family (of four) nearly $60,000, had her side prevailed.

Judging only by these two votes, and looking at her opposition, is there a better alternative for a fiscal conservative in the 2016 Senate race?

Two votes: 2003 Iraq War and 2008 Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

Sanchez was the only OC representative to oppose the Iraq war, which could wind up costing US taxpayers $4 trillion. Her so-called “conservative” colleagues rushed into an unprovoked invasion and occupation that has done incalculable damage to US interests in the Middle East, and whose repercussions will be costing us in blood and treasure for decades to come. Had Saddam Hussein been left in power, there would be no ISIS today, and no need to continually aid and finance the weak and corrupt Shi’ite regime we left in his place.

In voting against the $700 billion TARP Wall Street bail-out, she bucked the liberal majority in her own party and actually stood for a free market approach. No one is too big to fail in America. An unfortunate woman in Texas spent more time in jail for failing to use her blinker than all of the Wall Street swindlers who bilked the American public of billions.

I personally like both announced Republican candidates, especially Assemblyman Rocky Chavez, but neither have any funding nor any actual message on what they would do as Senators. Their campaign websites say nothing about issues.

Attorney General Kamala Harris was aloof and unapproachable in Sacramento. My (State Assembly) staff could not even reach her staffers when we had important issues like marijuana and asset seizure reform that should have appealed to her.

Those who voted against both the the Iraq War and TARP deserve special consideration for courage and foresight. Ron Paul did—and so did Loretta Sanchez.

Conservatives should bear this in mind.

Chris Norby, a former Fullerton Mayor, also served as an Orange County Supervisor and State Assemblyman representing Orange County until 2012.

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  • Noneya

    We need citizens to run for office. NO MORE POLITICIANS Harris TOP 4 most corrupt attorney general. Obama appointed.

  • Jacki Livingston

    Ah, Norby. I really thought we had seen the last of you. While I agree with you regarding both Sanchez and Harris, I would have to wonder why you would write any endorsement of Sanchez. Why would anyone who either worked for the County during your term, or who observed your conduct, would consider your endorsement a positive? I remember writing YOU a letter, regarding abuse of the elderly and disabled, running rampant and engaged in by County employees, and I pleaded with you and your do nothing colleagues for help. SIX YEARS, Norby…six long years of waiting for something that looked like leadership to rear its head, and there was NOTHING. Only retribution, assault, threats and the ruination of careers. No, Norby, I don’t think so. In fact, if you came out in favor of oxygen, I actually might consider stopping breathing.

  • Philmore

    While you are cherry-picking 2 votes out of, what, 20 years warming a chair, banking a check, and building a pension, WHY NO mention of the YES vote and cheerleading for, the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act, which, while guaranteeing similar paydays for her Defense Industry Lobbyist husband and large chunk of her PAC contributors, ALSO had a provision to give the NSA carte-blanche for domestic surveillance? I would think a ‘conservative’ would have LOTS to say about that? Google it if you need a refresher.

    • David Zenger

      Plus: woo, woo, woo!

  • Paul Lucas

    That unfortunate woman was also found dead in her cell 3 days later.

  • David Zenger

    I have only three words to say: woo, woo, woo!