Rick Reiff’s Inside OC is Back

PBS So Cal is bringing back it’s popular public affairs show focused on Orange County politics and government with host, Orange County Business Journal Editor at Large, Rick Reiff.

The new Inside OC is premiering on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 1 a.m. and will also repeat six times a week on PBS SoCal’s family of channels and available on-line.

Reiff has already produced two “test run” shows that can be seen with a featured panel discussion including OC Bar Association President Ashleigh Aitken, the OC Register’s Brian Calle and Watchdog.org’s Will Swaim discussing the county’s jail informant scandal and other stories.

An interview segment with Voice of OC Publisher Norberto Santana Jr. is also posted online with Santana discussing the Voice of OC model and the future of online non-profit news.

Reiff announced that other top officials who have already agreed to appear on the show are U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, State Sen. John Moorlach, and former Allergan CEO David Pyott.

The effort is being sponsored by Five Point Communities, PBS SoCal and KDOC (as studio host) and Reiff has put together a talented production team – including co-producer Scott Hays, editor Richard Garippo and director David Marquez.

  • Patricia Snodgrass

    You could not believe how happy to see this show again. Love inside O.C. with Rick Reiff. Orange County is back in the game.

  • LFOldTimer

    Excellent interview, Norberto. And you’re 100% correct about the corporations owning the mainstream media. Anyone who thinks we have ‘freedom of the press’ in 2015 is pretty naive. I have to surf the foreign publications or visit Zerohedge to learn what’s really going on in my own Country. Honest MSM journalists would tell you that the scope and depth of their investigative reports on certain pampered targets are greatly restricted. Let’s face it . Most MSM organizations are on shaky financial ground and need the bank loans to survive, and the option to roll those loans over when the time comes. That’s the reason you don’t see any investigative reports questioning why none of the bankers or complicit politicians went to jail following the 2008 crash.I think VOC is an excellent information source that gives us a wider and and more in-depth view of local government. But quite frankly, VOC goes very light on government labor. And that’s understandable since the bulk of your revenue comes from OCEA. You and your people have to eat too. It’s pretty hard to get through life without serving a master or two.

  • Paul Lucas

    Is his southern California show kaput?

  • LFOldTimer

    I noticed that Reiff’s side-kick, Eliz Espinoza, from his previous show on L.A. topics got booted off her afternoon talk show at KFI. I wonder if his return to Inside OC had something to do with that? I assume that Espinoza is no longer his side-kick. Her taste is a bit too liberal for the OC. And her skirts are a bit too short. She belongs in L.A. Reiff’s Inside OC was a much better show than about L.A. No surprise to me that he brought it back. I doubt if I’ll watch it tho unless I happen to stumble upon it. Rick’s way too politically correct. He needs to loosen up.