• Ltpar

    Frankly, the Audit was worthless when it comes to criminal aspects of the case. The Council should have come together, gotten our Federal elected representatives involved and demanded a real investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. When the FBI interviews potential suspects they do it with the authority of the law and if you lie, you die. From a civil recouping standpoint, chances are good of spending another million or two in legal fees and never getting back a dime. While I rarely, if ever agree with Jeff Lalloway on anything, it is time to file the Audit, learn from the mistakes and move on. The Council should be focusing full attention on developing the Great Park, especially with vendors who can generate the kind of revenues needed for future Park Operations and Maintenance. Future funding is an issue that has still not been resolved.

    On Lalloway’s comment to Steven Choi, Jeff was merely exposing himself as the “bully boy” he tries to be, but is not. Laloway has no real pull anywhere in the political system and because of his poor temperament problems is merely tolerated by the Republican Party. Lalloway had aspirations of turning Irvine into another Costa Mesa where his BFF’s “The Three Stooges” created a disaster area. While gaining one misguided Council Member, Lynn Schott to his cause, Lalloway has not been able to gain the third vote necessary to become the new Larry Agran. Irvine voters need to wake up and look at the two Council Members who posed as conservatives but are really nothing but RINO’s at heart. Bottom line is, next time Lalloway or Schott are up for election, we the voters of Irvine need to fire them.

  • Debby Bodkin

    Irvine’s Great Park is protected forever…. personal opinion of course. It is represented by the Nossaman LLP law firm. The FBI and USDOJ need to represent the Nossaman LLP firm. The firm should be called TEFLON LLP. Whenever they represent a client that participates in potential wrongdoing, it appears that client escapes untouched. This makes no sense.
    I speak from personal experience since Nossaman orchestrated a fraudulent toll road default judgment in 2005 against my husband with false documentation. In 2011, the firm somehow ordered my employer (not the LA Sheriff) to garnish my wages (I was not named in the judgment) for $20,000 plus, all based on FRAUDULENT documentation signed by Nossaman attorneys, attorneys Rex L. Brady, Maria Mahecha, Michael Shonafelt and Judge Corey Cramin…. NO COURT FILING FEE filed until 1 year after judgment was satisfied when CA Vehicle Code mandates court filing fee must be filed upon entry of judgment. Court did not have jurisdiction to enforce the judgment against me or any of the other 1000 enforcement judgments filed against individuals in Orange County since 2002. OC Board of Supervisors, TCA Boards of Directors and DA Rackauckas REFUSE to investigate crimes committed by the Nossaman LLP law firm and other attorneys representing the RICO enterprise we call the TCA, and the Nossaman firm just had its contract renewed as General Counsel for the TCA. MONEY and Nossaman LLP are in total control in the OC…. and IMO, in the real world, this would not happen.

  • Debby Bodkin

    The Great Park will never be held accountable for fraud because it is represented by the Nossaman law firm. The Nossaman firm also orchestrated the filing and entering of approx 1000 default judgments for Foothiil Eastern and San Joaquin Transportation agencies without filing court fees upon notice of entry of judgment as mandated by California Vehicle Code.

    Also Nossaman and atty Ellis donate to 3 out of the 4 OC Board of Supervisors who also serve on the TCA Boards of Directors who just renewed Nossaman’s employment. DA Rackauckas has refused to respond to my letter in March 2014 re fraud committee against the public by Nossaman on behalf of the TCA agencies.

    Obviously Nossaman generates too much revenue.for elected OC officials and gov agencies with questionable and potential RICO crimes…. It will all be swept under the OC corruption for profit rug. This is all personal opinion as a non-attor

  • Roger Butow

    This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

  • LFOldTimer

    I don’t trust Lalloway any farther than I could throw him.