Cundiff: OC Celebrates National Library Week

Fountain night photo

Orange Public Library with Night Fountain                                           Credit: L. Cundiff

Libraries play a unique role in American society as centers for learning, as hubs for human interaction, and as safety nets.  It was no accident that public libraries were established when our new democratic nation was young.  Libraries

 – educate people;

 – support democracy by providing people with the tools to make informed decisions; and

  – provide a safe and welcoming gathering place where people can explore and discuss ideas without fear of reprisal or censorship.

Free access to books, ideas, resources and information in America’s libraries is imperative for the education, employment, enjoyment and self-government of our citizens.

The Orange Public Library & History Center is the cornerstone of our community.  We are the heart of our community, and from this central vantage point can reach out to all our citizens.  In person and online, we connect people to a whole world of ideas and information.

Libraries offer the heritage of the past as well as the promise of the future.  They are a place for education and entertainment.  And because they offer free access to all, they bring opportunity to all.  Our library has so much potential.

 – It is a reflection of our civic pride.

 – It is a center for lifelong learning which gives people the opportunity to experience new ideas and explore great minds, supporting both school children and adult independent learners.

 – It is a community gathering place as well as a place where materials for recreation and leisure are available.

 – It benefits the economy when business people use library resources for decision-making, or when employees use the library to improve job skills.

 – And it serves as an equalizer, offering access to materials and information to all people.

The Orange Public Library & History Center is an investment in our future and the future of our citizens.  And remember, all successful investments require attention, time and resources to remain valuable and to grow.  Use your library, enjoy it, and support it — it serves our community well.

Linda Cundiff – Executive Director – Orange Public Library Foundation

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