• Jacki Livingston

    Sheriff, I liked you, until you let Todd Spritzer use your off duty sheriffs like his personal enforcers. What is wrong with you, woman?

  • OCservant_Leader

    This is a test balloon by the GOP to see if they have to “find and replace” the name on all their campaign materials.

    They would rather not have to incur this expense. So if she is willing to humiliate herself and “run on her record”- they are ok with it.

    They are negotiating with the Deputies Union right now and if they get what they want – mainly no blame for the Jail escapes (it’s the building’s fault) or snitch scandal (it’s DA fault or lack of training) then they can start programming voting machines now.

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    I still maintain, in spite of recent occurrences in the Sheriff’s Department), that Sandra Hutchens is one of the best things to happen in OC in the past 20 years. She is not beholden to the behind the scenes political operatives and, in fact, managed to get elected and re-elected in Republican Orange County without their support.

    • LFOldTimer

      If Hutchens wasn’t friendly with the Republican Party the Board of Supervisors – which is/was exclusively Republican – the supervisora would have never appointed her as Sheriff following Corona’s resignation. Let’s not kid ourselves.

      “best thing to happen in OC in the past 20 years”? Are you joking? Her department is responsible for one of the most embarrassing county scandals that has received media attenion worldwide. Convicted murderers and other violent criminals are walking free or getting new trials or sweet plea bargain agreements because Hutchens’ sworn officers, according to an OC superior court judge, withheld material evidence or lied on the witness stand, in the ongoing jail informant fiasco. Imagine how the families of the murder victims must feel when the convicted murderers fo their loved ones walk free, get new trials or reduced sentences that will eventually spring them from jail?

      And some cops responsible for this refuse to do their sworn duty and take the stand to testify for fear of going to jail themselves. This is causing extreme havoc throughout the justice system and costing the taxpayers MILLIONS of additional tax dollars to retry or adjudicate these cases all over again.

      And what does Hutchens say? Oh, cops just need additional training! ha. How’s that for accountablity? And Hutchens told us when she was appointed that she was going to be our “change agent” and clean up the department after Carona got sacked! Looks like more of the same to me.

      Normally when people refuse to do their jobs – they get fired – particularly when it costs those who fund their livelihoods millions and millions of dollars!

      Oh, and Hutchens said publicly to the BoS that she doesn’t consider the jail informant fiasco a scandal!!! So not only is she failing to uphold her “change agent” promise – she’s also in deep, deep denial – which is a very unworthy personality characteristic for the top LE official in the county.

      I find it laughable that Hutchens would even consider running for reelection. She’s turned the county into a nationwide laughing stock.

      Don’t even get me started on the jail escapes and 3 of her highly paid department officials accompanying Spitzen to San Francisco on the taxpayer’s dime to hand a big reward check to the guy who did what Hutchen’s department failed to do: Find the escapees so they could get returned to jail.

      Why is it when OCSD messes up it takes a year to do an investigation. By that time everyone forgot about the original wrongdoing. But if John Doe citizen messes up the investigation is wrapped up in days with charges filed?

      “Disciplinary Action” = handslaps.

      Those in authority who carry guns, wear badged and have the power to arrest are supposed to be held to ‘higher standards’.

      If you think OCSD is held to ‘higher standards’ I have oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.

      When people lose confidence in those who run our justice system – society disintegrates just like we’ve seen in the third world. America is supposed to be better than that.

    • verifiedsane

      I just can’t stop laughing after reading this comment……please open your eyes Shirley….Hutchens is just as corrupt and sleazy as Mike Carona …just because she may dawn a skirt on occasion doesn’t make her any less of a political stooge, BoS puppet, and a mouth piece & figure head for a dirty sheriff’s department.

      • Shirley L. Grindle

        Where is your proof of Hutchen’s corruption? Did it ever occur to you the possibility that the “informant” program was kept from her by the holdovers from Carona’s regime?