Jose Solorio’s ‘College Trustee’ Title Is Rejected From Santa Ana Ballot

Nick Gerda/Voice of OC

Santa Ana City Councilman Jose Solorio.

Santa Ana’s city clerk on Friday rejected a key part of the proposed ballot title for Jose Solorio, who is widely considered the frontrunner for an open City Council seat this November.

On Monday, Solorio designated himself as “College Trustee/Businessman” for the November ballot, despite resigning from his position as a college trustee on July 6.

Solorio had to resign from the Rancho Santiago Community College District because he wanted to move to Santa Ana’s Third Ward and run for the council seat being vacated by Angelica Amezcua.

In a letter to Solorio on Friday, Maria Huizar, Santa Ana’s clerk of the council, said he can’t legally use “College Trustee” in his ballot designation.

“After careful review and in consultation with the City Attorney, I have determined that the ballot designation does not meet the requirements of [state elections code] because do you did not hold the elected office of Trustee when you filed your nomination papers and [it] is not your current principal profession, vocation or occupation,” Huizar wrote.

“As you are currently employed as a professional and submitted the title of ‘Businessman’ you are not eligible to use the previously held position of Trustee.”

(Click here to read the clerk’s rejection letter.)

Huizar gave Solorio three business days to suggest an alternative ballot designation.

In an interview, Solorio said he’s working on new suggestions for his ballot title.

“Initially the Santa Ana city clerk had believed that the college trustee designation was fine, but now that she’s asked me to reconsider it, I am seriously considering other alternatives,” Solorio said.

“But at this point what really matters about my ballot designation is that my name will appear first on the ballot, and the name Jose Solorio is very well known around town,” he added.

Huizar’s determination came after a complaint from Patrick Yrarrazaval-Correa, an opposing candidate in the Ward 3 race.

“The more I thought about it…I just felt like I had to take a moral stand and say that you can’t say that you are something that you are not,” said Yrarrazaval-Correa.

His complaint centered not only on the trustee part of the designation but also the “Businessman” part.

In his candidacy paperwork, Solorio, who works full-time as a lobbyist and policy advisor, justified the “businessman” designation because he is a “business owner of Solorio Public Affairs and Marketing.”

But in his financial disclosure, he reported making between $0 and $499 over the past year from his public affairs firm, and between $10,000 and $100,000 from his policy advising and lobbying job at Nossaman LLP. The law requires that the “principal professions, vocations, or occupations of the candidate” be used.

“It is widely known that Mr. Solorio is employed as a lobbyist for a law firm. That is his occupation, and anything else appears to me to dishonest,” Yrarrazaval-Correa wrote in his complaint.

Solorio stands by his “businessman” designation, saying his financial disclosure “is clear that I am a businessman by virtue of me owning Solorio Public Affairs and Marketing and being a senior policy advisor at Nossaman.”

Huizar did not rule on the “businessman” portion of his designation, which means that any challenge to that would have to be filed by the end of next week in Orange County Superior Court.

Correction: Due to an editing error, a previous version of this article misstated the name of Angelica Amezcua. 

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  • Deb Davis

    Does it not bother anyone that he is not living in Ward 3 and only has just rented an apartment ..aka mail box.. to qualify???? Isn’t that shady to say the least????

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      I think anyone who knows better, who stays informed, is very bothered by things like this.

      We trust that these people who run to be civil servants do it to make the world better for the future … for children, grandchildren, everyone.

      Instead they become uncivilized serpents. From all levels of government. It’s getting old. Every election, every year, over and over. Infected by the self serving.

      Sunshine is truly the best disinfectant.

  • RyanCantor

    Here’s a new title for him to consider:

    Shameless Lobbyist

    If the shoe fits, brah . . .

  • David Zenger

    The sense of entitlement is breathtaking…only surpassed by his contempt for the electorate.

  • Vern Pat Nelson

    And damn, what’s he to do? Career politician / Poseidon flack is too many words.

  • John Claxton

    Jose Solario – Carpetbagger and all around worthless political hack.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Wow, if what he does needs to be described so differently from what he does, what’s truly being hidden? So sick of politicians underestimating the intelligence of the people they serve.

    As for the desal comment … is he a lobbyist tied to Poseidon? Is he then behind the race bait strategy tying Latino centered/specific environmental justice, Porterville, California and water for all Orange County residents, regardless of race. If so, working to colonize us for a foreign investment company is no bueno.

    One asks, what is truly behind his entering this race, move into the ward and all. For The People or use The People? Just.Asking. Lobbyists, for the most part, are destroying, have destroyed, our American democracy. Just.Saying.

    • Paul Lucas

      He works for lobbying firm Nossaman LLP. Whos client is Poseidon and he is a former State Assemblyman who would and has used and seen LULAC as an ally.. You make the connection. As far as the race for council is concerned, I suspect hes looking to supplant the current SA council member that sits on the OCWD with himself.

      • BeeBee.BeeLeaves


        So he is running possibly for a future pay to play? LAS LULAC better get those 990 financials for all those chapter numbers in GG/OC in perfect order. My Latina friend commented on this. She said her family left Mexico in the 60s to get away from this type of politics and now it has infested over here. Puros güeys.

        • Paul Lucas

          They dont have any 990s. In fact they have zero financial records for the last 20 years or so.

          • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

            Ay. Ay. Ay. Ay.

            How on earth did the court allow a lawsuit against the city of GG from a possibly non compliant 501(c)3? Who is their fiscal agent then? Surely their financials are being handled by a fiscal agent organization. Non profits without fiduciary responsibility in order automatically lose in court. The plot thickens …

          • Paul Lucas

            they have zero fiscal agents and zero records going back 20 years,

          • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

            What? No way. That would mean any and all monies ever collected need to be return to the donors, grant makers. Non profits are required to be trustworthy, especially in their fiduciary responsibilities. By law.

          • Paul Lucas

            Maybe that would be a good topic for VOC to investigate eh? LULAC having no financial records?

  • Paul Lucas

    He can designate himself as a Desalinated Ocean Water Advocate.

  • Taylor Vasquez

    Jose Solorio clearly attended US swimmer Ryan Lochte’s school of ethics. Instead of taking responsibility for his lie, he thows the City Clerk under the bus.

    Jose: be responsible; own up to your lies, you aren’t above the law. And stop with the purported name ID which did wonders agsinst Janet Nguyen.