• verifiedsane

    Orange County is functioning as an ongoing incestuous cesspool of criminal corruption that permeates throughout virtually every institution of government. From the county supervisors, DA’s office, OC sheriff’s department, to every other governmental body located in the county (including the courts)…they all cover for each others crimes at the heavy expense of the citizenry and fair/equal justice ….it is a good old boys and girls club of backroom favors, cocktail party dealings, and political corruption…Government and courtroom influence peddling is the norm, not some rare exception. After many years of white-washing, scrubbing, and burying of evidence; The Feds have now been brought into validate the ruling cronies false narratives. I can only hope this federal investigation goes beyond a scratch surface diversion tactic approach, and actually tackles the depth and scope of what is really happening in OC’s shameful government practices.

    When the public loses trust and confidence in our governmental and justice system, it will take much more than a few press releases and some hollow political platitudes to satisfy the wronged and injured; it will take some actual accountability. We all know that accountability and consequences are something the ruling cronies are almost always granting immunity from. Without it, we are no better than any other corrupt and criminal banana republic.

  • Didn’t the US Justus dept conduct some kind of investigation into political corruption in OC a while back? I am guessing they were just looking for evidence against some democrat from Whittier on that one? Another thought, didn’t t rack & hutchins just announce the snitch database would no longer be used? great excuse to delete/destroy any possible evidence that could be discovered by the Feds? No wonder they all welcome any Fed inquiry…

  • OCservant_Leader

    The OC Board of Supervisors’s PR machine has no comment until they figure out best strategy to frame scandal and mislead public with more double talk like “we welcome this approach to improve operations”?? WT…?

    BoS are in bed with DA T-Rack & Sheriff who are the pillars to The OC organized crime family, so they cannot separate themselves now.

    The Feds will find not only an impregnable LE Blue wall of silence but also the OC Red wall of secrecy.

    Only Employees (invisible “no liability-public servant” hands of the BOS) who witness the records shredding and the OC SOP of deleting hard drives can provide evidence.

  • Paul Lucas

    Lock em up.

  • David Zenger

    “…and hope for an expedited conclusion to their civil inquiry.”

    Um, aren’t intentional civil rights violations, ya know, a crime?

    • LFOldTimer

      Only if you’re not a gold or silver card club member.

      Last I heard perjury and obstruction of justice were still crimes. Lee Baca’s boys up in LA would likely agree.

      Why would so many violent felony convictions get overturned if everything was copacetic?

      It’s clean-up time.

      The supes have been sidestepping this scandal. It would be nice to hear somebody at the top of the food chain finally question sheriff operations instead of just giving them more tax dollars.

      • David Zenger

        “The supes have been sidestepping this scandal.”

        No, not really. When they assigned THEIR lawyer to join in the defense and stonewalling they signaled that they were on board. Separate counsel should have been hired for the OCSD to create a firewall between the Sheriff and the BoS. But the BoS decided they were all on the same “public safety” team – even though it’s their constituents – the public – that is going to suffer, not them. A classic case of politicking over governance.

        • LFOldTimer

          Oh, I forgot, David. Thanks for the correction. My bad.

          I forgot that the supes actually assigned their own staff to defend Hutchens and her gang.

          Seriously, I feel like I’m living in Guadalajara. No offense to the Guadalajarans. I’m only referring to the similarities of our local governments.

          What the *&*^# happened to my country?

    • OCservant_Leader

      “Aren’t intentional civil rights violations…a crime”?

      Unfortunately, Public Servants are immune from liability…even if they deliberately violate the public’s civil rights.

      This is why appointed executives and managers at OC government are not concerned in the least with their procedures.

      The injured party would have to individually sue the County and then CoCo gets to work…and 10 years later (if the Plaintiff is still alive) the County will quietly cut a check.

      They are protected even if they sign those “Integrity Agreements” with the Feds…and knowing lie.

      Trust me – I found this out the hard way.

  • LFOldTimer

    It’s about %*^*#$ time.

    This should have happened years ago.

    How many felony convictions had to get overturned until the Feds finally stepped up to the plate and did their job?

    What else could T-Rack and Sandra publicly say other than they “welcome the investigation”? My guess is that in reality they welcome the Fed investigation about as much as I would welcome a root canal followed by a cystoscopy 2 hours later.

    Is this a “scandal” yet, Change-Agent Hutchens?

    No comment from the Sheriff’s union? ha.

  • Paul Lucas

    I hope the feds dont hold back in this. We need full disclosure of all that went down. Dont spare anyone or anything and let even the ugliest truths be known.