• verifiedsane

    No worries correct; considered how successful the BOS search was for another lap dog OIR minion to play secrecy and cover up…It will take some serious additional time for the BOS to find just the right hand selected sycophants to get the supposed ethics committee (aka dog and pony show) up and running.

    So, not only are we witnessing a feckless effort in futility and waste of tax payer dollars. The BOS has successfully created a new government bureaucracy to tether to their long held leash of corruption. Very few with any working knowledge of how the BOS operates is holding their breath for any meaningful oversight, transparency, or accountability coming to the citizenry of OC in the foreseeable future.

    Just the same old, same old….

    • LFOldTimer

      The way the game is played is that the BoS has the Executive Director on a leash (she collects her $291,000 at their pleasure) and the Executive Director has the Ethics Committee members on a leash.

      Not complicated at all.

      Like most county orchestrated efforts to implement oversight this is just another scam to fool the people into believing the county believes in holding the county elite accountable to appease the stupid taxpayers.

      We have about 4 active scandals running in OC at this particular time and the BoS won’t even allow a public discussion on ONE of them!!! HA!

      You’ve got 3 minutes to talk at the start of their meetings and then you have to shut up for the other 5 hours. HA! And they blame it on Klubnikan!!! lol.

  • David Zenger

    “If we do it right, and I think with her leadership we will, you won’t even basically know [her office] exists.”

    That’s appropriate because the “her office” wasn’t designed to do anything meaningful in the first place – let alone anything to do with ethics.

    Just what we needed. Sever hundred thousand per year to make sure a dozen elected county politicians fill out their campaign forms properly – something that used to cost the taxpayers ZERO.

  • LFOldTimer

    ““Most of the [campaign limit] violations are accidental acceptance of contributions over the limit. And that’s what you take care of privately. You don’t go to the press and embarrass everybody. So that’s what he’s saying.”

    What happened to our maternal watchdog that I used to know?

    A violation is a violation. Of course the perpetrator will claim it was an inadvertent innocent oversight. What would you expect him or her to say? “Yes, you caught me. I intentionally violated the campaign finance laws.”? ha.

    Come on, Shirley. ALL VIOLATIONS SHOULD BE MADE PUBLIC. Let the one who violated the laws convince us it was an innocent mistake. But in an open and free democracy that should be left up for the PUBLIC to decide since we elect them to office and pay their compensations!!!

    I didn’t mean to go 50 mph in a 35. Trust me. It was an innocent oversight (as the traffic cop writes me a $500 dollar ticket which is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD!!!

    This is really getting crazy!

  • OCservant_Leader

    “If we do it right, and I think with her leadership we will, you won’t even basically know [her office] exists. It just will do its job, and it will be a kind of a quiet bureaucratic office that will just call balls and strikes and take care of things” said BOS Spitzer

    Sure –another secret County Operation – that WE the public will just TRUST that YOU (politicians) are doing your job and holding politicians accountable?


    Are you Flipping Kidding me- Spitzer Inc.?

    Wrong. I call Foul Ball!

    Let’s try this again. You WILL (SHALL) be transparent in doing the public’s business (AT ALL times) and there will be Hoopla, Headlines, and ya know embarrassing Press Releases- when politicians get caught!!!!

    Who the Duck do you think you are fooling with this nonsense?

  • Jacki Livingston

    What a joke. This woman has no clue about the ethics crap going on. She never will.