Gov. Brown to Visit Proposed El Toro Marine Base Veterans Cemetery Site

Gov. Jerry Brown and two top Assembly Democratic leaders will visit the proposed veterans cemetery site at the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine within the next several weeks, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva said Friday.

The city council’s April 4 vote to put $38 million toward turning part of the former base into a cemetery sends a “strong message” to Sacramento about how serious Irvine is on the issue, Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton) said in a telephone interview. She also said an additional $10 million in federal funds is available for the El Toro site.

“I think we’re in a good place right now,” said Quirk-Silva. Although there is no specific date yet for the governor’s trip, she said he will be accompanied by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) and Assembly Budget Committee Chair Phil Ting (D-San Francisco.)

According to Councilman Jeff Lalloway, the cemetery will cost a total of about $77 million. The Legislature would have to provide the remaining $29 million.

The city council also voted to explore an alternate cemetery site near the interchange of the 5 and 405 freeways. That land is owned by developer FivePoint Communities which has said it is willing help build a cemetery there. In exchange for its freeway site, it would get the El Toro land, which now is part of Irvine’s Great Park.

Quirk-Silva said the possibility of an alternate site shouldn’t hurt the chances of securing funding for the old El Toro base.

However, she said if the alternative freeway site is chosen, the proposal would have to go back through the Legislature and would need approval from the Federal government.

“We would have to start over,” she said.

Neither the Governor’s Office or FivePoint Communities returned calls seeking comment.

Veterans have asked for a cemetery in Orange County for decades. Currently, the closest veteran cemeteries are in Riverside, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

Spencer Custodio is a Voice of OC intern. He can be reached at

  • Roger Butow

    The cemetery effort didn’t start, nor was initially spearheaded by the OC Veteran’s Memorial Park Foundation in 2014, here’s a cut & paste quote from a November 2013 MSM column:

    “Early on, plans for remaking the former El Toro Marine base envisioned a 73-acre general-purpose cemetery. But the idea later was dropped by the developer, resulting in a lawsuit by Forest Lawn, which asserted it had a written agreement and had spent a substantial amount of money working on designs.”

    Forest Lawn got paid off, eventually settled.

    A decade ago, patriots and/or veterans like myself were led to believe by Irvine, were honored and even supported them during their bumbling development couplings with the understanding that eventually the cemetery would end up being solely dedicated to military personnel. No, it’s not an IOU—It’s a core American value. A plot of grounded sanctified by blood.

    To me, and to many of my USMC buddies, we wound up feeling like betrayal was the theme of Vietnam. So we just switched betrayers: First the US government, now a local one. A greedy, developer-friendly one that believed in stuffed campaign coffers, our resting place denigrated, soiled by turning it into a bargaining chip. The land didn’t get any less expensive (extrinsic), but our retroactive sacrifices, our intrinsic moral value was diminished, cheapened.

    Shouldn’t Gov. Moonbeam’s decision be a Homer Simpson no brainer, a “DUH!” moment? As many have read, we have been short-changed, ignored/avoided and under-funded by the VA going back forever.

    Make America GRATEFUL Again……why are real estate values even being crassly dialogued? How much are or were our lives worth? You’ll find the cost of freedom burned into every wounded veteran’s heart, into his family and comrades too.

    It’s demeaning, it’s disgusting that we have been reduced to begging and compromising. Someone said that politics is simply the procession of competing hatreds.

    Whodathunkit, we, the ones who’ve sacrificed the most would become mere pawns in politician’s games? And the civilians wonder why we have a natural distrust of governance. Who wouldn’t?

    • LFOldTimer

      From one vet to another…..during the invocations or Pledge of Allegiance at these local government meetings we would witness some of these hypocrites openly cry on the dais when the vets were mentioned. Former Supe Janet Nguyen was always good for that. I’ve seen it several times. If they don’t cry like actors and actresses they go into full-blown animation in a seemingly humble oratory over their deep and heartfelt appreciation for the men and women in military uniform, and for those who sacrificed their lives for our “freedom”.

      But the rubber meets the road with ACTIONS, not words. And now we see these bas*tards are taking a kneeling position before their sugar daddy developers while telling the vets to move to the back of the bus……that the vets don’t meet the standards to RIP near a housing development occupied to a large extent by foreign national money which wouldn’t sanction a military burial site in the same proximity as their multi-million dollar homes. It’s enough to make me vomit.

      There needs to be a vet protest organized to face these hypocrites down. To look them right in the eye and call them out.

  • Roger Butow

    As an OC, Vietnam-era Marine veteran, one who served briefly @ former MCAS El Toro, not to mention a community activist engaged in this base conversion since inception, it is beyond disheartening to sit around and wait for these career bureaucrats and their hand-chosen developer to resolve this.

    OC voters were bilked—we trusted Irvine to create what they promised asap, they acquired a dominant, sole-proprietor role, were handed a Rolls-Royce opportunity and delivered a Pinto.

    So while Irvine’s coffers keep getting stuffed, with increasing funds on the horizon because they gleefully, greedily sold their souls (and ours) to developers from No Cal, our rightful resting place circles the drain.

    It might be difficult and very “un-PC” to say it, but MANY MANY American military veterans have been either injured or died due to serving on Asian soil. And their community’s response? It’s bad ju-ju, negative fengshui. That is not only disrespectful, but ingratitude to the max.

    Irvine’s political structure response? Keep playing mind games while we veterans and our families wonder about how & why we became a pinball, bouncing and bumping around year after year. Maybe a can that Irvine has been kicking down the road for a decade.

    Well, here’s a hot flash: Being disabled (either physically or mentally) due to combat-related activities isn’t a whole heck of a lot of joyful fun either. We deserve a final resting place commensurate with our commitment, to go where sent, fight and defend other nation’s struggles.

    When sworn in, we offered our lives up to the causes our country felt righteous—-now we’re treated as if chattel or trash, the cemetery basically denigrated down to a marginal, least expensive place to dump bodies without honor.

    Irvine gets more than the original 30 pieces of silver, and we who were soldiers get the Fickle Finger of Fate, the shaft.

    • LFOldTimer

      God bless you, Roger.

      You expressed my sentiments as well.

      As a vet this is like telling all vets to move to the back of the bus so that foreign nationals won’t be offended by having their bodies too close to their million dollar plus homes. 🙁

  • LFOldTimer

    They broke the Federal immigration laws and many broke our labor laws. They are criminals and “illegals” by definition. Words mean things. Get a clue.

    “In my experience only PE*VERTS think about other people having s*x and YOU seem particularly fixated, lol!”

    How would you know from personal experience? Do you associate with pe*verts???

    I see Melania and Trump holding hands and giving each other affectionate hugs all the time. You need to turn the fake news channel to some real news once in awhile. lol.

    I went to school. I have the ability to read song lyrics and interpret the meaning of obvious prose. Sorry if you missed out on that opportunity.

    • justanon

      Yeah, words mean something alright and your words scream: racist and bigot, lol!!!

      I don’t associate with p*rverts, but I do read about them in the newspaper after they’ve been arrested and LIKE YOU they all seem to have an unhealthy preoccupation with other people’s s*x lives. I suggest you see a therapist, p*rv.

      “I went to school” it’s kind of pathetic and sad that you feel you need to remind us of this. FYI: If you have to tell people your ‘smart’, you’re really not.

      If you “have the ability to read song lyrics” then post the ones from that song that prove Linda Ronstadt is an “anti-military pinko leftists”.

      Put up or shut up!

      • LFOldTimer

        It warms my heart that you don’t associate with pe*verts. Now can we discuss your potty mouth?

        I just love how liberals see “bigots” and “racists” behind every fence post. lol. It’s like the McCarthy era all over again. lol. They’ve done more in the last 10 years to dilute the meaning of those words than in the previous 50. When those words are mentioned at social gatherings they don’t even raise an eyebrow anymore. lol.

        Now anyone who supports protecting our borders from illegal aliens (regardless of what color of skin they may have) is an automatic “bigot” and “racist”. ha.

        You are your own worst enemy and a real detriment to your own cause.

        Hunted down any witches lately? 😉

        • justanon

          What about those lyrics, racist old man?

          Put up or shut up, lol!!!

  • LFOldTimer

    Thanks for the warning, Spencer.

    So all the sudden Moonbeam is an advocate for the military veteran? ha. I think illegal aliens are closer to his heart than the vets are.

    Hopefully a group will form and gather at the Great Park to protest his new $52 billion dollar gas and auto fee tax over 10 years. We know that a sizable chunk of that money will be siphoned off for use on projects unrelated to transportation, like to backstop the pension funds. How do we know? Because WRITTEN promises were made not to steal tax hike funds on other recent propositions and outright tax increases voted by the liberal legislature (2009) and they found a way to steal the tax money anyway for purposes other than it was intended.

    Moonbeam just bent you over. If you still support him go get a neuro workup.

    But for God sakes – don’t swallow the bait that he gives two petrified cow pies about the vets. Don’t forget. Two of his former flames were Arianna Huffington and Linda Ronstadt. ha. Go read the lyrics of Linda Ronstadt’s song “1917”.

    • Greg Diamond

      That a pretty ignorant rant you have there, but I’m guessing that you’re educable.

      Vets FAVOR the alternative proposed site — which is right along the 5 on the north side of the stem of the El Toro Y and has tremendous visibility and more likely room to expand onto other city-owned property. A well-designed park off of that freeway-cum-parking-lot would become the icon of Irvine (and one of the icons of OC.) That land was ALSO part of the MCAS El Toro — it just wasn’t part of the Great Park. But it WOULD HAVE BEEN part of the Great Park if the City had owned it back in the day — why not? — and the current City Council can just expand the official boundaries of the Great Park to accommodate it. Then everyone could be happy — except for those intent on seeing other people made sad.

      If everyone’s on board, getting a replacement bill through the legislature and the DVA would be almost trivially easy. Between Quirk-Silva and Senate Vets Chair Josh Newman, we are as well equipped to make this happen as we could ever be.

      • LFOldTimer

        What vets favor it? The ones who are tied to the hips of the Big Money developers and politicians? And, yes, there are such vets. Not all vets truly have the interests of other vets at heart.

        This vet believes that deceased vets take priority over rich homeowners, many of whom are foreign nationals who buy US properties.

        So why would you oppose the vet cemetery being in the proximity of the housing projects? The vets would get MUCH more attention there that they rightly deserve as opposed to being herded to the back of the bus at some segregated and off-the-beaten path location that would be polluted with both freeway noise and dirty air particles.

        If the alternative site that you describe is such a great location they can build more homes there. lol.

        I believe in giving vets the best of the best. If they aren’t good enough for the rich homeowners and developers then we don’t need the rich homeowners and developers.

        And if Quirk-Silva and the other Dems flip-flop on this critical matter I will personally protest them and ensure veterans in Orange County understand how they were back-stabbed for Big Money.

        • Greg Diamond

          I’m referring to the Orange County Veterans Memorial Park Foundation, the group of people who in 2014 spearheaded the drive to build the cemetery in the first place, and who actually accomplish things in the real world rather than spouting your sort of armchair blog comments.

          I won’t engage you further on this issue, because you’re a bigot and I really don’t like interacting with you.

          I hope you do show up at a rally to protest Sharon and whoever else, so that I can get a look at you and see if you really do have the appearance of a large and somewhat stretched and soiled pink rubber bag of gas. Have a good day!

          • LFOldTimer

            “I won’t engage you further on this issue, because you’re a bigot and I really don’t like interacting with you.”

            Gee. Look at all that built-up hostility. Just because I disagree with your view of the world makes me a bigot not. You refuse to engage because every time we do I take you to the woodshed. So I don’t really blame ya. 🙂

            “I hope you do show up at a rally to protest Sharon and whoever else, so
            that I can get a look at you and see if you really do have the
            appearance of a large and somewhat stretched and soiled pink rubber bag
            of gas.”

            You get to guess about me. I don’t have the same limitations with you. Admittedly an unfair advantage. lol.

          • justanon

            He knows you are a bigot by YOUR WORDS.

            It isn’t hard to figure out, lol!

          • LFOldTimer

            What words?

            Quote my bigoted remarks or forever be a liar. 😉

          • justanon

            All of them, your never-ending constant harangue about “illegal immigrants” stealing our jobs, ruining our country, etc, etc, etc. Further, your nasty insults and ‘cute’ names for anyone you dislike give us all insight into your head and the total picture you have created for us by YOUR WORDS is not a pretty one.

            Just like your smily faces say … juvenile.

            We know it when we read it, ha, ha, ha!

          • LFOldTimer

            So I oppose illegal foreigners who violate our immigration laws by sneaking into our country and stealing jobs from our citizens and legal immigrants and commit and untold number of other crimes (over and above immigration crimes)……and that makes me a bigot??? lol.

            Your thought process has a few crossed wires. 🙂

            If name calling makes someone a bigot you’re the Queen of Bigots!!! lol. You win that title hands down!!! lol.

            You remind me of opposite day. Nothing makes sense. Everything is 180 degrees opposite of reality.

            But keep posting. You’re good for a laugh.

          • justanon

            Ha, ha, ha my ” thought process has a few crossed wires.” this from the guy who thinks Jerry Brown is somehow suspect because 40 years ago he dated a woman who wrote a song you’re to dim to understand. Yet …. you think it’s alright to have a man represent the country who has been associated with the mafia, Russian money laundering, scores of sexual assault claims and where we have documented proof that he ripped off contractors, workers and students.

            Your lack of self-awareness is laughable.

          • LFOldTimer

            I judge people by who they hang out with. And it’s always served me very well in life. It hasn’t let me down yet. Moonbeam has had love affairs with anti-military pinko leftists . Birds of a feather flock together. And what a putrid taste in men those women must have. Imagine locking legs with Jerry Brown!!! LOL!

            Trump has done everything but gone to war with Russia over Syria and you think he’s having a love affair with Putin!!! HA!

            You should write scripts for Mel Brooks! lol.

          • justanon

            “I judge people by who they hang out with”


            Of course you really meant “I judge liberals by who they hang out with, but right-wing nuts … I give them a pass”

            Ha, ha, ha, you are such a transparent little hypocrite!!!

          • LFOldTimer

            You still didn’t quote any of my “bigoted” remarks. Why? Because you can’t find even one. ha. So my assumption that you are a liar seems to hold water. Wear it like a badge. lol.

            Yeah, Trump is an agent of Putin as he’s considering heavy sanctions and weighing the possibility of going to war with Russia over Syria. LOL!

            And Moonbeam Brown is a military hater from way back when. His choice of lovers is only one piece of the evidence. But like I said. anyone who exchanged spit with Jerry Brown is really low class and deplorable (an accurate definition of the word) lol. I can’t imagine anyone being intimate with that pencil necked dweeb. lol. But I guess everyone has their price.

            You’re nothing more than a board clown. Keep posting. You’re good for a chuckle. Keep us entertained. ha.

          • Greg Diamond

            You have a good stance on anti-corruption issues, which has led me to engage with you positively at times in the past. You’re bigoted when it comes to immigration (and probably services), but those views alone would not mean that I’d simply avoid dealing with you when possible.

            But everything has changed with Steve Bannon and Sebastian v. Gorka in the White House. You’re no longer tolerable. And it’s less the nature of your views that poses a problem, though they are one, than your willingness and ability to steer almost every conversation towards your bigotry, while your comments become increasingly dominant here because other people find you noxious. You’re a proficient writer, even if not an honest one, and being retired you can apparently devote copious amounts of time to race-baiting. The only time I really want to engage with you is to do what I’m doing here: ripping off your jolly mask (to the extent that is possible) to expose your nature to fellow readers. But, as I’m NOT retired, it’s only an occasional pastime.

            I do wish that you’d drop the bullshit about how you’re only interested in enforcement of the laws. If that’s the case, you can keep your hands full by fighting against domestic violence, underage drinking, reckless driving, and tax evasion — which, unlike the presence of unauthorized immigrants in our county, are unlawful practices that do NOT boost to our economy. (Except, I guess, that underage drinking and reckless driving may be good news for people who need organ donations, but I still oppose both. You may disagree.)

            I like your expressing pride in your anonymity. So very telling. Have you considered wearing a hooded robe?

          • LFOldTimer

            I responded in full to your comment but VOC blocked it. The reason escapes me. I used some of the same nomenclature that you used, yet your comment was posted and mine was blocked. Hopefully VOC will play fair and allow me to respond in kind to your vile and inappropriate accusations.

          • Greg Diamond

            What sort of a crazy world is it where bigotry can’t get a fair hearing on a privately owned website? I feel your pain. It sort of tingles.

          • LFOldTimer

            My comment only quoted or mimicked your remarks and for that apparent reason it was blocked. But you dummycrat liberals are so tolerant and believe that all should be treated fairly and equally. ha.

            You’re so full of it. lol.

          • Greg Diamond

            Seems like it’s up now. It’s like our own personal Bowling Green Massacre!

            But enough banter. Bye, bigot. “lol.”

          • LFOldTimer

            I scorched your shorts so like a skeerd chicken you run off into the wind. lol.

            You’re all mouth and a*s. Go buy a gym membership.

            Oh, and VOC didn’t post my response. If it was up it’s gone now.

            Liberals hate the truth.

          • Greg Diamond

            Yes, it appeared that you did scorch my shorts. Now never borrow them again – and if you do have them professionally laundered before you return them.

            Back on topic, you can believe what you want about our online intetactions, bigot. It can’t be any stupider than what you already proudly admit that you believe..

          • LFOldTimer

            All you’re good for are personal attacks.

            You avoid responding to the legitimate arguments that I posted. Why? Because you’ve already lost the debate.

            That says it all.

            It is what it is.

            Thanks for showing us what you’re made of. 🙂

          • Greg Diamond

            Being treated as a legitimate partner for online discussion is a *privilege*, Anonymous Bigot. You have sacrificed your access to that privilege. I don’t even read your “substantive” arguments and I hope that others will join me in that. Once Steve Bannon and his friends are out of the West Wing, then maybe I’ll discuss politics with you again, but maybe not.

            (“What exactly are interactions?”, you ask? They are none of your business. Enjoy your presumable solitude at home.)

          • LFOldTimer

            Wah! Wah!

            You can sure dish it out. But you can’t take sh*t.

            Don’t make the mistake of believing you’re always the smartest guy in the room.

            You come over to this site to agitate those who only want to discuss the current issues like adults. And when someone has a opinion different from your own you start a fight and spew vitriol.

            Go crawl back under the rock where you came from.

          • Greg Diamond

            “Wah!”, you say? And you add “Wah!” again? Wha’?

            I like to think of bigotry as something that most people grow out of by adulthood. (The desire to fling poo at people from the safety of one’s crib usually ends much earlier.) On either count, your positions are not “adult” positions. Like our President, you do not “discuss the current issues like adults,” but like pre-teen boys at the absolute most.

            Sadly, the remnants of the electoral system set up in the slave days of our founding, combined with we Democrats choosing to run a candidate who could only win 3 million more popular votes (which isn’t nearly enough), mean that your adolescent yammering and chest-thumping is currently in favor in all three branches of the federal government.

            In light of that, you’ve been reclassified from a mostly harmless old timer to a harmful one. (Also, a chicken-guano one — but if I were you I probably wouldn’t want to admit it publicly either.) However much you whine that you just want to play ball with us, most of those of us who WILL show our faces in public want nothing to do with you, and don’t want to brighten up your sad life by taking you and your sputtering and gibbering seriously.

            I write plenty online. If you want to grab some of it and paste it here and then reply to it (so long as the proprietors don’t care), so you can pretend that we’re having an right good argument, then you can go ahead. Whatever floats your — uh, whatever keeps your boat from being covered with barnacles. (MORE barnacles.) It’s suited for you, a bit like hitting a baseball off of a tee.

            But RESPECT, which is reserved for people who actually have something worthwhile to say? No, sir, no. Don’t ask for what you don’t deserve. So long as you’re here and the mood strikes me, I may treat you as a nice absorbing surface for absorbing smack talk, but I would only engage you in actual political discussion on rare occasions when I worry that you might have been the least bit persuasive if left unrebutted. (Don’t hold your breath for that.)

            Thank you for the compliment on my ability to dish it out. I aim to please.

          • LFOldTimer

            You toss out these hyperbolic words like “bigot” or “racist” without even connecting them with specific comments made by people who you accuse of such. That should give those reading your comments a clue about your style and credibility.

            As a registered dummycrat you just can’t fathom that the GOP captured the House, the Senate and the Executive office. Your butthurt is so immense that you whine incessantly about Trump and blow out of proportion all the fake news you can find on him. Yet, war criminals and treasonous democrats can have their way with the American people and you’re silent as a church mouse. Like I said, you have zero credibility with me.

            I don’t even pay attention to the gibberish you write on-line anymore. It’s all one-sided and what I consider to be classic liberal propaganda.

            You would love to silence all that have political or social opinions that are diametrically opposed to yours, as you have asked others not to read my board comments. You don’t have that kind of control, monsieur. Most of the comments or articles I’ve seen written about you on-line are not complimentary. Most people would probably do the opposite of your recommendations.

            One of these days you should take the time to sit in the corner and do an honest self-analysis.

          • Greg Diamond

            It’s a relief that you don’t pay attention to my words. Not exactly a surprise, though.

            There is no hyperbole in calling you a bigot and a racist. I’m sure you’d like to argue the point. If you, you can go re-accommodate yourself. You’re not persuasive, you’re not novel, you’re not interesting, you’re not consequential — so rebutting you is simply not worth my time. (Calling you out is worth my time solely because in your case I enjoy it.)

            If I were still teaching, I might offer a student credit for a project of collecting your various statements (under your, *ahem* various names, rating them on how much they seemed on their face to offer (or refute!) proof of bigotry, then to research each more deeply, with an eye towards different theories (from across the spectrum of what constitutes bigotry.) But, alas, I’m not — so you get no such fame. (Maybe YOU can hire someone to do it! But don’t ruin the project by trying to supervise them!)

            Laughing at bigots is, by the way, a pretty good way of convincing them to rethink their ways. I note that you’ve tried to do the same with me, as best you can. Do you think that it’s working? At all?

          • LFOldTimer

            “……so rebutting you is simply not worth my time.”

            Let’s be frank. That’s just a disingenuous way of saying you can’t back up what you claim and/or you can’t go toe to toe with me.

            “If I were still teaching,…..”

            Boy, would I love to talk to a few of your former students. I can only imagine the stories they’d have.

            Calling someone a “bigot” or a “racist” without providing any evidence of such is cowardly. But go ahead and try to make sense of it by your slippery rationalizations. You’re good at that. But discerning folks see right through it.

            Your homework tonight is 10 sit-ups. Don’t blow a gasket.

          • Greg Diamond

            Here, since you don’t know my former students, I’ll teach you a lesson:

            Anonymous commenter does not get to call real-name commenter cowardly at all.

            Why should I spend my time trying to prove that someone who hides their identity is a bigot? You have no skin in the game. I don’t even know if you have skin at all; you could be a bot programmed by some anti-Latino group.

            I’ll humiliate you by ripping apart your poorly constructed prose when you make yourself vulnerable to humiliation. Until then, I’ll only address your arguments ad hoc if and when I decide to devote the time. You give me scant reason to play your game. Odd that you grew old without learning that not everyone will jump to your tune just because you demand it.

          • LFOldTimer

            More hollow rationalizations.

            Add 10 push-ups.

          • Greg Diamond

            Come to think of it, this expectation of yours that strangers should hop to and serve your whimsical demands may explain some of your antipathy for unauthorized residents.

            I’ll bet that you consider them “insolent,” don’t you? Do you call them that to their faces? Now it all starts to make sense….

          • LFOldTimer

            Your “unauthorized residents” are my illegal aliens.

            You do have a talent for twisting or sugar coating words for effect. I’ll give you that. Those wet behind the ears may buy it. I won’t.

            Run in place for 5 minutes too.

          • LFOldTimer

            Note: Repost with a word Diamond used altered so it will display:

            It’s incomprehensible to me that as a sworn licensed attorney you would claim
            that I engage in ‘bigotry’ or infer that I should consider joining the klan (ie. “Have you considered wearing a hooded robe”) for simply supporting our Federal immigration laws and promoting the enforcement of those laws (like other laws are enforced). I believe the integrity of our nation’s borders and labor laws should be honored – just like all other nations protect their borders and domestic jobs for their citizen and legal immigrant laborers. In fact, I believe it is purely
            anti-American for anyone to support protecting illegal foreigners who violate our nation’s immigration laws, labor laws and the fraudulent use of identification in furtherance of their crimes. I think YOU need to take a long look in the mirror and do a thorough self-evaluation of your basic values before you attack others for simply wanting to live in a civilized society that honors one of the basic traditions and principles of our American legal system, namely “Equality Under the Law”. For you to call me “intolerable” is incredibly laughable and puts your own lack of self-awareness on full public display. Thanks for proving my point.

            As I’ve repeatedly stated, illegal immigration is NOT a race issue. It’s a dispute among nations. Portraying me as a racist is a very dishonest way of diverting the discussion using a false narrative by interjecting emotional hyperbole. By resorting to that tactic you say much more about yourself than you do about me. Again, thanks for proving my point. I believe all illegal foreigners should be deported, regardless of their skin color or country of origin. I’m color blind. White, red, yellow, brown or black. Any person who illegally invaded our country and/or stole jobs from US workers or legal immigrants should be thrown out of
            the country and if they re-offend it should result in a 5 year prison sentence. Period.

            Laws pertaining to domestic violence, underage drinking, reckless driving and tax evasion are vigorously enforced. Apparently you don’t spend much time in the courthouse. I don’t know of one case of a man who assaulted his wife that resulted in police contact who did not go to jail. The fact of the matter is that we citizens constantly have our feet held to the fire by the State and Federal
            statutes. But the law has turned a total blind eye to illegal foreigners who have saturated our society, many of whom have criminal records that extend FAR beyond immigration violations.

            You’re the bull*hit artist, Greg. I’ve never seen a commentary from you about the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama who went on to kill literally HUNDREDS OF
            THOUSANDS of innocent civilians (mostly BROWN in color) by literally dropping HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND OF BOMBS on foreign lands that he had NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to meddle in. Yet you’re all over Trump like a soaking wet cheap polyester suit.

            You have no credibility with me. You’re all mouth and a*s.

            Have a nice day.

          • justanon

            “Obama who went on to kill literally HUNDREDS OF
            THOUSANDS of innocent civilians (mostly BROWN in color) by literally dropping HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND OF BOMBS on foreign lands that he had NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to meddle in.”

            Where are you getting those figures? Alex Jones? LOL!!!

            Back up your BS with DOCUMENTED FACTS!

          • LFOldTimer

            “In President Obama’s last year in office, the United States dropped 26,171 bombs in seven countries.”


            In 2015 he dropped over 23,000 bombs. To include drone bombs on Pakistani school children and Afghani hospitals.

            Do the math. Over his presidential term he dropped over 100,000 bombs. Remember Libya? I just wanted to jog both your and Diamond’s memories. lol.

            Denial is a waste of brain cells.

          • justanon

            Dropping a hundred thousand bombs does not equal hundreds of thousands dead.
            Obama relied far more on drone strikes than ground troops which limited casualties. Estimates of civilian deaths from his drone strikes range from 117 – 5,000, admittedly a wide range and a lot of people, but nowhere near “hundreds of thousands”.
            You need to back up your assertion with FACTS and not the sh*t you pull out of your fat *ss!

            During GW Bush’s and Obama’s time in office, bombings had to limit estimated civilian casualties to 25, something your effing, peace-nik trump has scuttled.

            How do you justify that kind of reckless war-mongering, HYPOCRITE?????

          • LFOldTimer

            Now that I PROVED you wrong on the # of bombs that Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama dropped in the ME you divert us over to deaths. Ok. I’ll bite

            So far over 400,000 people have died as a result of Obama’s war in Syria.

            Libya was another Obama war. Hundreds of thousand were massacred there before and after the terrorists took over.

            Do the math, dearie. Just add the casualties in Libya and Syria. Many hundreds of thousands.

            Forget about the clusterflock in Iraq that Obama caused when he withdrew our troops and the terrorists took over. ha.

            And forget the fact that Obama LIED when he told us he would remove all US troops from Afghanistan. ha.

            Just do the math on Libya and Syria. You have my permission to count on all your fingers and toes.

            You make it way too easy on me. Like swatting flies.

          • justanon

            No, YOU wrote “Obama who went on to kill literally HUNDREDS OF
            THOUSANDS of innocent civilians …” and that is not the same as dropping a hundred thousand bombs.

            Just because you irrationally hate Obama does not mean you get to blame and ascribe all the world’s troubles at his feet. That is not proof that Obama “literally” killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Like I’ve said before, your reasoning and logic skills are very sub-par. Are you SURE you went to school?

            Your white-hot hatred of Obama coupled with brain-washing from your right-wing nut news’ sources has left you delusional, lol!

          • Greg Diamond

            You don’t HAVE to talk to him if you don’t want to, you know.

          • LFOldTimer

            Are you playing daddy tonight?

            Don’t you have a pet at home that you can control?