• Philmore

    Joyce said. “Most all of us are guilty of shopping online.”
    Do I laugh or cry at this statement and the attitude of entitlement (to the small remainder of OUR money) it reveals ? Who is in jail over the “Great Park” theft fiasco ? And now individual choice that might diminish satiety of the ever-expanding appetite of the bureaucratic class is a CRIME ? Orange Countians have surrendered control over themselves to a (financially) suicidal CULT !

  • LFOldTimer

    Irvine’s paying a premium of about $20M over and above what the city should be paying to Orange County Fire Authority for fire protection. Their residents are getting ripped off. It would be cheaper for Irvine to operate their own FD. The first thing Irvine should do to save money is drop OCFA like a hot potato unless OCFA brings their per capita payments in line with what other contracted cities pay.

    The problem is that some of these phony Irvine politicians give a higher priority to the public safety unions than to their own taxpaying residents.

  • verifiedsane

    Unsustainable pensions and reduced revenues….is it just me…or do I smell a new tax proposal coming….

  • kburgoyne

    Good catch of something to write about, Spencer. It’s educational. Points out something most people don’t think about.