Kerr: Supervisors Reject Professional Advice and Common Sense

Registrar Neal Kelley has presided over elections in Orange County for over a decade, and in that time he has earned praise from both Democrats and Republicans for his efforts to streamline and modernize how we run our elections. Under Kelley’s leadership, the office of the Orange County Registrar of Voters has earned a national reputation for fairness and innovation.

That is why last month’s decision by the Board of Supervisors to unanimously reject Kelley’s recommendations for increasing voter participation and saving tax dollars was a gut punch to everyone who cares about our democracy.

For those of you who don’t follow election officials closely, Kelley is basically the Mike Trout of county registrars–the best in the country. Kelley is a past president of both the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials (CACEO) and the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks (NACRC). In 2015, when Trout was cheated out of the American League MVP Award, Kelley was awarded the 2015 Public Official of the Year from the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks.

Kelley recently helped write a new state law that allows counties to adopt “vote-center” models, similar to what is used in Colorado. This system has been proven to increase voter turnout, reduce costs, and tighten security. In the face of expert advice, the available data, and common sense, the Board of Supervisors said no to implementing the new system in Orange County.

Using the vote-center model, all eligible voters would receive vote-by-mail ballots a month before Election Day, and those ballots could be dropped off at any time at “military-grade” secure drop boxes. In addition to voting by mail, voters could cast ballots in person at one of 150 vote centers across the county, which would open for early voting 10 days before Election Day. This new system has been shown to increase voter participation and decrease costs—saving OC taxpayers about $26 million in the next year.

Why would anyone reject Kelley’s recommended reforms? Partisan politics, of course. Republicans on the Board of Supervisors like the current costly election system—it got them elected, after all. Instead of innovating, the Board has asked Kelley to create a plan to fix and replace old voting machines at over 1,000 polling locations, at a projected cost of $40 million.

The voters and taxpayers of Orange County deserve better.

Joe Kerr is a retired fire captain with the Orange County Fire Authority and the former president of the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association. He is a candidate for Orange County Supervisor.

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  • Ed Romero

    Of course the Board of Supervisor’s is against anything to better anything for the Voters other then their Republican friends. The BOS kept their mouths shut for years about what was happening at the Orange County Sheriff and the O C Probation Department. Why was that Asst. Chief Probation Officer allowed to retain her job after being caught shoplifting 8 times, they also found a FREEZER BAG of Marijuana in her car when they searched it for additional stolen merchandise at the South Coast Mall. Why was she allowed to Smoke Marijuana all day long and well into the night while on duty at the Probation Department, was it because the Chief Probation Officer was allowed to do the same thing at her residence in the City of Anaheim? Would some please tell all those Asians on the BOS to SMILE once in a while and not always have that SOUR LEMON EATING look on their faces.

    • LFOldTimer

      You’re a load of laughs. I’ll give you that, Ed. I cringe at the notion that even 10% of what you report went on at OC Probation. lol. Not to say that I dismiss your claims. Not at all. Who am I to doubt what you write after becoming aware of all the scandals in the county executive ranks over the years? In fact, it’s sad say that the scandals in county executive government that we know about lends a macabre sense of credibility to your claims. 30 years ago I might have looked upon your musings as pure hogwash and the rants of a madman. But today? I actually pay attention and read every word. It just goes to show how far our county government has slid down the slippery slope in a relatively short period of time.

      But I’m confident that the Ethics Commission will get to the bottom of it all and turn it around. lol.

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    You’re right Joe — the Republican Party elected officials are afraid the “vote by mail” system proposed by Neal Kelley will increase voter participation by registered Democrats. All this crap about suspected voter fraud cannot be backed up by historical facts but that doesn’t stop them from using it as their reason to deny the “vote by mail” system which would save a ton of money (taxpayers’ money by the way). So much for the fiscal concern of the Republican electeds.

    • LFOldTimer

      Tell the Ethic’s Commission look into it, Shirley.

      I’m sure they’ll get right on it!!! lol.

  • LFOldTimer

    Kerr would gift the county to the public safety unions. I can’t think of a worse choice for supervisor.

    Now he wants to take away our neighborhood polling stations and open up more opportunity for voter fraud with vote-by-mail ballots to increase his own chances to slip through the cracks.

    I would vote for Steve Rocco before I would vote for Joe Kerr.

    • David Zenger

      No kidding. Plus he lives in Coto de Caza. Just about as far away from the 4th District as you can get.

      • LFOldTimer

        A retired fireman living in Coto de Caza? ha.

        That should tell you everything you need to know.

        Even more reason we should gut the public unions.

        • Bill Colver

          Do you know anything about his finances?

          Maybe he invested well.
          Maybe he inherited a lot of money.
          Maybe he married well.

          Just because you’re a POS loser living in his mom’s basement doesn’t mean everyone else is.

          • LFOldTimer

            All one needs to do is visit the OCFA website and examine how much the hose pullers siphon off the taxpayers for a 2-3 day work week to prove my point.

            Who else can sleep on the job and get paid for it?


            Pay close attention to Fire Captain compensation. lol.

            Maybe Joe can tell us how much he collects in pension benefits? Let’s start there if he promotes transparency.

            Oh, I know. They’re heroes and they deserve. hah.

          • Bill Colver

            How does that change the fact that you are an asswipe loser?

          • LFOldTimer

            “How does that change the fact that you are an asswipe loser?”

            Ha. The first indication that I’ve won the debate. Thanks for the victory.

            Fireman compensation is the furthest thing there is from capitalism.

            It’s communism on the brink of fascism.

            All one needs to do is look at the OCFA compensation link that I posted to figure it out on their own.

            Have a nice day! 🙂

          • Bill Colver

            Whew!! I thought you were going to prove you aren’t an asswipe loser.

            Who am I kidding? Of course you can’t.

            I don’t know what asswipe losers do all day, but I’m sure you’re really good at it.

            You have a good day as well.

          • LFOldTimer

            “I don’t know what asswipe losers do all day, but I’m sure you’re really good at it.”

            Sorry you didn’t have what it takes to stay in the ring with me necessitating vile responses. It was my pleasure giving you a tour of the woodshed. Thanks a bunch for playing.

          • Bill Colver

            You’ve yet to prove that you are not an asswipe loser.

            Not that you can.

          • LFOldTimer

            That’s all you got, Bill?

            You’re putting yourself on full display.

            Again, thanks for playing.

          • Bill Colver

            Doesn’t change the fact that you’re an asswipe loser.

            Thanks for playing as well. It’s been fun watching you try to wriggle off that hook.

          • LFOldTimer

            I hooked you and pulled you into the boat at the start of the discussion.

            How did the bait taste? Good?

          • Bill Colver

            Hahahaa….you are trying to deflect away from the reality of your pathetic life.

            Nice try.

          • LFOldTimer

            You should practice at the Romper Room websites before you step up to the plate in the big leagues with your palaver. You might avoid looking foolish and save some face.


            But again, thanks for playing.

            Your participation is appreciated.

          • Bill Colver

            Try as you might. Go ahead and declare victory.

            You’re still an asswipe loser. You’ve yet to prove otherwise.

            Thank you for playing.

          • LFOldTimer
          • Bill Colver

            Goodnight you asswipe loser you.

          • LFOldTimer

            Truth hurts. Doesn’t it, Bill?

          • Bill Colver

            If by truth you mean pointing out that you’re an asswipe loser then, no. Doesn’t hurt me at all.

            The fact that you keep trying to change the subject only proves the point is valid.

          • verifiedsane

            Who’s the loser Bill?

            The Bill’s of this world always resort to the typical progressive (in actuality “Regressive”) tactics of vile personal attacks, with absolutely nothing to offer or add to the debate conversation….I believe they define people like Bill Colver as SIMPLETON IGNORANT COWARDS…

            Everyone is entitled to disagree or express their opinion on an issue, but once you crawl into the gutter with childish name calling, you lose each and every time…Just ask Hillary… 🙂

          • Bill Colver

            Yawn!! Another loser.

            How many of you are there?

          • verifiedsane

            Thank you for proving my point with your idiotic response…run along now to your regressive coddled safe space bubble world 🙂

          • Bill Colver

            That means so much coming from someone hiding behind a fake name.

            I don’t need a safe place. You obviously do.

          • verifiedsane

            Now that laughable immature response was just precious…did you happen to borrow it from the Public Employee’s Union campaign handbook…”when you have no argument or message; attack” 🙂

          • Bill Colver

            Lol. Try again.

            I don’t need to borrow anything to deal with idiots who hide behind fake names.

          • verifiedsane

            Colver the nasty fake news partisan is wearing his corruption symbol Hillary Clinton pant suit and funny genitalia hat as usual…at least we now know Billy Boy’s support for Kelley and all of his hollow attack based bluster; is based solely on their regressive party affiliation….good luck with that…LMAO

          • Bill Colver

            Another loser spewing nonsense.

            I don’t even live in the district.

            Only a moron or loser like yourself would have assumed that.

            At least Kerr has the balls to put his name on a ballot using his real name.

            Something we know you will never think of doing.

            Just keep hiding in the shadows.

          • Dana Swart

            According to Transparent CA Mr. Kerr retired in 2012. It shows his Salary in 2012 as $30,102.90 so obviously not a full year. In 2011 his salary, as a working Fire Captain, was $106,214 base salary (seems a little low) and $45,234 in OT (so total compensation still seems a little low but that’s what was reported).
            First year of retirement he was paid $128,705.45 (2013), $131,476.83 (2014), $133,285.83 (2015), and $134,783.40 (2016). In another couple of years he will be bringing home more in retirement than he ever received in annual salary including OT. He’d already started out higher than his base salary. Finally, based on current life expectancy models he will be receiving, in total and inflation adjusted dollars, far more during retirement than he earned while working.

          • LFOldTimer

            Thank you for the information, Dana.

            Could you link that Transparent California data for us?

            Instead of going into a long-winded comment I will relink this animated cartoon. It explains everything:


          • Bill Colver

            Why do you care what he makes?

            I take it being an asswipe loser blogging in his mom’s basement doesn’t pay as well.

          • verifiedsane

            It appears Bill Colver and Justanon were actually congenital twins at birth, and are like regressive party anarchist….Billy Boy has now been placed on ignore for the ignorance, hate spew, and garbage they represent…

          • Bill Colver

            It appears you’re just another loser hiding behind a fake screen name claiming some nonsensical moral high ground.

            When you have none.

          • Dana Swart

            Sure, Transparent California this site does an annual public records request for all CA public agencies and pensions payments. Searchable for most public entities in California, and most public employees.

          • LFOldTimer

            Wow. I looked at some of those OCFA salaries and pensions and almost choked on my ham & eggs.

            No wonder the OCFA pension system is effectively bankrupt.

            Public unions are one of the most evil institutions known to man. Especially public safety unions.

            Thanks again, Dana.

    • Bill Colver

      How does that change the premise of the Op-Ed and the purposeful subverting of democracy by the BoS?

      Do you ever stop whining?

      Who am I kidding? Of course you don’t!

      • LFOldTimer

        “subverting of democracy”? What a stretch.

        Obviously interpretation is in the eye of the beholder.

        Common sense tells us that mail-in ballots are much more susceptible to fraud than voting at the polls for a variety of obvious reasons. Oh, I couldn’t care less what the phony study said – no more than I believed the media polls prior to the presidential election that Trump overwhelmingly won. Figures don’t lie. Liars figure.

        • Bill Colver

          We should be making it more convenient for people to vote. Not more difficult.

          • LFOldTimer

            “We should be making it more convenient for people to vote. Not more difficult.”

            No. Not at the expense of the integrity of the electoral system we shouldn’t.

            What is a better safeguard from voter fraud? The voter actually reporting to the voting poll, identifying him or herself and then entering the voting station to make the selections – or someone filling out a mail-in ballot?

            Again, common sense prevails.

            Some get it. Other’s don’t.

          • Bill Colver

            Which doesn’t change the fact there is nothing empirical to support your claim. Common sense dictates you would be able to do that if it were true.

            Some get it, some don’t.

          • LFOldTimer

            This is an opinion board. Not scientific research. lol.

            Btw, are you under the impression that your statements offered any empirical value, your majesty??? lol.

          • Bill Colver

            No kidding. You put forth the belief that significant fraud would occur if this type of voter model was put in place. It’s up to you to prove it.

          • LFOldTimer

            Disprove it.

            You know what they say……opinions are like __________. Everybody has one. Maybe you can understand what comment boards are all about from that point of view. 🙂

          • Bill Colver

            You know what they also say?

            Only a fool argues a point they can’t prove.

          • LFOldTimer

            Look in the mirror.

    • Dennis Lentz

      You can’t expect change by voting the lost and unproven choices back in office. Joe kerr is a problem solver and new blood is always good. You don’t get to the top of OCFA being a sleeper.

      • LFOldTimer

        Kerr is not a friend of the people. He proved that during his stint at the OCFA union president. He buried us in more debt. Irvine is on the brink of throwing in the towel and starting their own FD due to the financial bezzle. Do you think Joe helped or hurt that situation? I’ll give you three guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

        I want the supervisor elect to pull us OUT of the hole. Not throw more dirt on top of us.

        • Bill Colver

          So which candidate do asswipe losers like you support?

          • LFOldTimer

            If we continue to get more of the same party vetted corrupted candidates – my choice will be Steve Rocco if he chooses to run again.

            Yes, that’s how desperate we are for a straitlaced local leader who follows a moral code and isn’t a puppet for big money and big government.

          • Bill Colver

            Lol. That’s funny.

            I hope he puts his name on the ballot.

            Why don’t you put your name on the ballot?

            Or do asswipe losers have a religious belief that prevents them from doing that?

          • LFOldTimer

            I’m unelectable.

            I refuse to sell my soul to the Republican party or any other political gang.

            Most every successful candidate I’ve seen on the supe’s roster is a paid political puppet. Bought and paid for.

            I was raised on a moral code which disqualifies me.

          • Bill Colver

            Don’t forget that you’re also an asswipe loser and a coward.

            Geez…don’t sell yourself short.

          • LFOldTimer

            And you’re a vile and vulgar bottom-feeder.

            I guess all of us have to be something or other in life. 😉

          • Bill Colver

            Which one of us here is using his real name?

            Hint: It isn’t you.

            Until that point in time arrives where you come out from under your rock, you can call me anything you want.

            It won’t change your status as an asswipe loser.

          • LFOldTimer

            What does a board name have to do with it?

            Your routine use of crude and obscene words during the course of a public discussion represent vileness and vulgarity that are indicative of bottom-feeding behavior.

            Either clean it up or own it.

          • Bill Colver

            And your use of hiding behind a fake name while impugning the integrity of others during the course of public discussion represent one of being nothing more than an asswipe loser.

            Either come out or own it.

          • LFOldTimer

            It really makes no difference whether I use my real name or a anon board name like 90% of other commenters do – I’d tell you the very same thing. Your language on this VOC board in conjunction with your personal obscenities hurled at other commenters is both vile and vulgar. Smoke that. Stop the whining and grow up.

          • Bill Colver

            Hahaha….the needle is pegged on the ironometer.

            First things first.

            You justify your cowardice of hiding behind a fake name because 90% of the commenters do it. I didn’t say you were the only one.

            If it helps, I’m sure all those other cowards hiding behind fake names throwing insults at others (most likely people they have never met) tell themselves the same thing.

            Having read many of your posts on other articles. The only one whining here is you. Insulting commentary on VOC must pay pretty well given the number of times you comment.

            Don’t like what I write, don’t read it.

            I would think even an asswipe loser like you could figure that out. Apparently not.

          • LFOldTimer

            First off, how do we know that Bill Colver is not an alias? Because you say so? If you’re really that brave why not publish your address and phone #?

            The 90% of those who use anon board names aren’t cowards. They’re smart considering that some fools like yourself seem to take opinions on matters of pubic interest so personally.

            Throwing in insults at others?? haha. Look at the pot calling the kettle black.

            “Don’t like what I write, don’t read it.”

            You should live by your own rules.

          • Bill Colver

            I don’t care if you believe that is my real name or not. We know what your real name isn’t.

            As far as my support of Kerr? Going to be hard to do since I don’t live in that district.

            As far as insults. At least I don’t hide behind a fake name like an asswipe loser.

          • LFOldTimer

            What? No address or phone #? ha. So much for walking the talk.

            You don’t have to live in a candidate’s district to support him or her. You should review your posts on Kerr. You defend him like a bro.

            Didn’t your mom teach you not to insult others and that if you not to claim foul when you get some in return?

          • Bill Colver

            You post your real name to start. Then we’ll go from there.

            Like I said, I’m willing to hear him out.
            You view anyone not trashing him as support.

            You dismiss him out of hand. Which is the sign of a child.

            Hey, does your mom know that her asswipe son is playing on the computer?

            That just hit me. Sorry it took so long.

          • LFOldTimer

            You went beyond “not trashing him”. You came to Kerr’s aid and supported his cause. Duh?

            The public unions love Kerr and will probably endorse and finance his campaign. That’s bad for the taxpayer and an automatic fail for me. Sorry.

            My mom would call you a potty mouth.

          • Bill Colver

            I’ve never asked you for a phone no. or an address. So I’m more transparent than you.

            I’m at least willing to give Kerr the benefit of the doubt. Given the track record of a board that has been dominated by the GOP for decades I willing to try something different. Until you put your name out there like him it’s easy for me to have more respect for Kerr than you.

            My mom would call you an asswipe loser.

          • LFOldTimer

            Rocco has run in the past. Multiple times. And if I recall correctly he got over 10% of the vote without any real campaign effort.

            Just goes to show how fed up people are with corrupted government.

          • Bill Colver

            Correct me if I’m wrong.

            Has anyone ever used the term “Supervisor Rocco” in an official capacity?

          • LFOldTimer

            Of course not.

            Rocco doesn’t suck up to the party elites or solicit bribes. How would you ever expect him to actually win a supervisor seat?

            My point is that he’s getting over 10% of the vote without even campaiging.

            Try to stay on point. I know that’s a tall order for you. We take that into consideration when you add more babble to the discussion. Some of us have worked with challenged populations before. 🙂

          • Dennis Lentz

            More of the same results. How can you hope for change.

        • Dennis Lentz

          To call any thirty year man or fireman a hose puller shows everyone where you come from. The next time you need a 911 assistance , call a hose man. And check with Irvine on financial misuse of money. Tree trimming around street signs so first response can see the signs. ( using fireman’s funds) actually they have GPS. And Lets not even talk about the Great Park Funds mis- management. Joe will greatly improve the current situation.

          • LFOldTimer

            Oh cut it out. You must watch too many TV drama emergency shows and fall for the hype. Most of us grew out of that phase.

            It’s just another overpaid government job that gets 500 applications for every opening. Who wouldn’t want to sleep, play b-ball, shop at Ralphs, work 2-3 days a week, make north of $100,000 in salary and retire at 50 with a multi-million dollar pension? No wonder they have applicants lining up around the block 3 tiers deep! The problem is it’s almost a political job now and you need a relative in the business to get hired – like that guy from GG whose dad was Mayor.

            Only about 2% of the emergency response calls are for fire control. We should have private sector EMT’s for injury calls and downsize OCFA by 75%. Private EMT’s would work for less than half of what we pay these overpaid hose pullers and we would get the same or even better quality of service. And it would literally save us hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

            If Joe is consistent with his performance as the OCFA union boss he’ll suck the county taxpayers dry.

            Again, Steve Rocco over Joe Kerr.

          • Dennis Lentz

            Joe Kerr’s performance as the OCFA was second to none. Ask any fireman in the OCFA or any of the neighboring city departments what they think of Joe. His job was to make them the best through training, supplying them with the best equipment and quickiest response time. Ask the fireman of your choice they have achieved all three goals. OCFA is the showcase for nation. New ideas, New preformance goals, and working for the people of the district, everyone will win. VOTE for JOE KERR.

          • LFOldTimer

            Of course his performance was second-to-none for the rank ‘n file. If someone negotiated hefty pay raises for me and was instrumental in maintaining my multi-million dollar pension package at age 50-55 I too would worship the ground he walked on.

            I’m speaking from the point of view of a citizen taxpayer who is forced to pay for it all, Dennis.

            He was good as gold to the hard hats while ransacking the taxpayers.

            See the difference yet?

            Rocco over Kerr!

  • Lyanna Lyns

    You will never find ethics or common sense used at the Board of Supervisors…ever.