• Greg Diamond

    (As this story is being linked to other stories on this race and Ashleigh Aitken’s candidacy, I think that an update of a major point is appropriate.)

    When I read this:

    “Orange County Democrats, who now have nearly as many registered voters in OC as Republicans, are not planning at this point on running a candidate for DA, according to sources close to the party.”

    I almost did a spit take. Then I noticed the publication date of July 10.

    OK, *you’re* excused for not having known what appears in the Related Stories list: Spencer Custodio’s August 28 story “A Third Candidate Enters the Race for District Attorney,” which states:

    “Former Brea Mayor Brett Murdock, a Democrat, has joined the
    2018 race for District Attorney, making him the third candidate,”

    but if your “sources close to the party” were as close to the party as is Brett Murdock, who is an ex officio member of the Central Committee, they really should have known that this embargoed news was coming by that late date. (Maybe they weren’t as close as they implied.)

    There was little chance of there not being a Democrat in the race, as I’d told people that I’d run again if no one else did. (I published the story on August 24 — http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2017/08/marvelous-news-attorney-murdock-announces-bid-for-oc-district-attorney/ [Feel free to spike that link if you’d like.] — and it was generally known among party insiders by that time.) I’m glad that Mudock is running: his plaintiff’s practice has been much more active than mine, his demonstrated administrative skills are superior, and he has the strong integrity that the incumbent lacks. He’s more moderate than I am, but that’s fine for an honest candidate in a now politically purple county.

    The chances of Murdock not being endorsed and actively promoted by the party are slim and none — despite that some of the old guard has — hard as it is to believe — political ties to Rackauckas. If they tried to deny him a chance to win OC’s most important position, there would be blood on the ground.

    If Murdock makes the runoff, he’ll have a solid chance to win over one of the GOP’s two bitter enemies. I hope that the runoff is between Murdock and Spitzer, just to underline the strong repudiation of the Rackauckas regime.

  • Greg Diamond

    Criminal, Nick! You don’t seem to have noticed that someone just gave you a pretty important scoop!

    Some “source close to the [Democratic] Party — who is either an idiot themselves or trying to make you look like one, and either way ought to be burned — informed you that Democrats don’t plan to run a. candidate for OCDA.”

    And yet, if you scroll down the page for “Related Stories,” you will at this very moment see this:


    “Former Brea Mayor Brett Murdock, a Democrat, has joined the 2018 race for District Attorney.”

    Either your source is pig-ignorant about the race (my polite bet) or they are signaling their belief that Democrats will not endorse Murdock for the office, which would itself be a scandal and would lead to great consternation if it happened.

    This would be a continuation of coziness between some corners of the DPOC and Rackauckas, out of there a parent believe that he will protect prominent Democrats — in exchange for their support, or generally, I do not know, as I would not be included in such conversations — and they are extremely afraid of Todd Spitzer taking office and doing some system-upending thing that they would consider crazy in order to slake his thirst for publicity and further advancement.

    Who sold you this sack of bull-flop? If Murdock isn’t endorsed by Democrats in the race it will be a scandal and a shock, and anyone promising that outcome shouldn’t be in party leadership, let alone being considered a trusted source to give information on behalf of the party.

    Please print this out and shove it under your secret source’s nose for their comment, then mark them down on your list of “hopelessly out of touch sources.” Or, if they really think that they have the means to deny Murdock party support, then you’ve got one hell of a tale of party perfidy to research and write!

  • David Zenger

    “His handcuffing of a Christian preacher at a Wahoo’s Fish Taco restaurant in 2015, for allegedly looking at a table knife, has raised questions about his judgement.”

    No, it has raised questions about his mental stability.

  • richard jorgensen

    I am not political, but i have been following this election because i am tired of being embarrassed that i am an OC lawyer. Rackauckas has turned to county into a joke, and he needs to go. Spitzer is the only candidate that has a real shot at getting rid of this buffoon. i respect Spitzer for taking a demotion (Supervisor to DA) to try to help fix the problem in the DA’s office. Each and every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves for attacking the only person actually trying to make things better.

    • David Zenger

      That’s not a demotion, sir. The DA makes more money and has, essentially, a safe seat for life (or until the Attorney General gets of his or her backside) with no hassles like term limits.

      Spitzer only wants to make things better for Spitzer.

      BTW, what’s your opinion of a guy who keeps handcuffs in his car and takes a loaded pistol into a public restaurant because someone looked sideways at his fish taco?

      • richard jorgensen

        i wasn’t there, but i have been in situations where i have had to make some pretty quick decision based upon the potential actions of mentally-ill people. i bet there is more to that story, a lot more.

        • David Zenger

          Actually, there was less to that story, a whole lot less. Bible boy was totally harmless, not mentally ill and the deputies let him go.

          • richard jorgensen

            i am not taking sides, but the last thing i need when i am enjoying a well-made taco is some nut job with a bible standing next to my table running his frickin’ mouth. A fellow patron at a restaurant preaching God means one of two things. One, mental illness. Two, recovering addict / convict (with a little crazy mixed in). You know that to be true as well as i do. Can i get an amen?!?!?!

          • David Zenger

            We can agree that nut jobs (especially when they are packing heat and carry handcuffs around with them) and fish taco restaurants don’t go together.

            I think that’s about it. Oh, yeah. And Rackaukas is both incompetent and corrupt.

          • richard jorgensen

            were you the guy at the restaurant who ended up getting handcuffed by Spitzer?

            It seems like you feel pretty strongly about that incident, and know a whole lot about that day.

          • David Zenger

            Well, if I were the guy I don’t think it would have gone quite so peacefully.

            Plenty of facts about what happened that day are now well known. Spitzer spiraled from annoyance into some sort of frothed up panic mode only he can explain. He called the OCSD on 911 and then rather than waiting for the cops to arrive took a loaded gun into a restaurant all because he thought someone was looking at his table knife.

            The most telling thing of all is that Spitzer, the relentless media hound, never said anything about the event he later said “incredibly proud of” – until the story was leaked to CBS. Then suddenly Bible Boy was mentally-ill and a menace to the whole County.

            What I feel strongly about is not having this unhinged individual investigating and prosecuting people.

            Watching the manic Spitzer Show used to be just sort of amusing. Not after Wahoo’s.

          • verifiedsane

            Spoken just like a sleazy judgmental attorney…going straight to character assassination without a shred of evidence. Ironic that you employ these same tactics in reverse to defend a like minded political animal like Spitzer. You stated you are not political, which is completely laughable. Your comment shows you to be an agnostic with zero understanding of biblical teaching, or our constitution. Now that’s some attorney’s way of not taking sides. Thank you for providing voters an example of the lack of character and narrow mindedness with the one lone Spitzer supporter we have gracing the comment section of VOC.

          • richard jorgensen

            What?! Sleazy? Judgmental? Agnostic (i am not sure i know what you mean by that, though)? Lack of character? Narrow mindedness? How dare you?

            if you are not an unusually large man, or a black belt in some kind of kung fu thing, or an ex-pro athlete, or super fit, or a member of the NRA, or something like that, i swear, i will fist fight you in any parking lot, parking structure or grassy field you want.

            By the way, is this Tony Rackauckas using a fake user name?

          • verifiedsane

            LMAO Mr. Tough Guy, are you making a public violent threat? That’s some code of ethical behavior coming from a practicing attorney. Are you going to threaten to sue me also……..(cue the laugh track).

            These are your own words Mr. Tough Guy – “A fellow patron at a restaurant preaching God means one of two things.
            One, mental illness. Two, recovering addict / convict (with a little
            crazy mixed in). You know that to be true as well as i do. Can i get an

            This shows your extreme narrow mindedness, lack of understanding for our Constitutionally of protected rights of free speech, freedom of religion, and also your pure judgemental ignorance and ineptitude as it relates to Christianity and Biblical teachings….I will take your moronic challenge as another example of your lack of insight & dimwittedness….have a nice day….from a proud card carrying NRA member 😉

          • richard jorgensen

            lighten up.

            Were you the guy Spitzer handcuffed in the Wahoos? That would actually explain a lot.

          • verifiedsane

            Nice try Spitzer for DA, fetch it boy….if I had happened to be the “guy” that Heir Spitzer brandished a weapon toward, or “would attempt” to handcuff at Wahoos; you can rest assured, things would have conspired much differently…if fact; we can safely assume we would not be having this spirited exchange here today 😉

          • richard jorgensen

            Spitzer is a former cop, and appears to be in decent shape. Do you really think you can take him?

            If someone had not already beat him to it, i am pretty confident he would have beaten you stupid that day in the Wahoos.

          • verifiedsane

            Now that bombastic crystal-ball delusional foray of commentary fantasy was just hilarious…and this is coming from someone who calls anyone that may publicly proselytize their faith; mentally ill, an addict, a convict, or a combination of all three….LMAO…..In my humble opinion, there is little question presently about who is in need of immediate serious mental health intervention Mr. Tough Guy… 🙂

            Don’t you have some legal briefs to write?

          • richard jorgensen

            you are right; i need to get back to work. I am sorry if i offended you.

            However, as a closing thought – i am not saying that you cannot handle yourself, but i still honestly believe (in my heart) that Spitzer would beat you like you stole something from him, if you ever did interrupt his tacos. That’s all i have to say about that (mic drop).

          • Lyanna Lyns

            Pick up the mic, lawyer boy, and let’s chat. Your hero used off duty sheriffs to send into another county to intimidate and threaten a woman who courageously spoke out about Spitzer’s deplorable and corrupt conduct, including, but not limited to, his using his wife and personal law client to keep him from having to testify under oath about corruption ON HIS WATCH in the county, regarding nursing homes linked to organized crime, where patients were raped, robbed and killed ON HIS WATCH. He used his position to obstruct justice, retaliate against a whistleblower, waste millions of tax dollars and cause irreperable harm to the health, career and life of an employee for no other reason than the fact that she refused to ignore the corruption and the kickbacks. So let’s ignore the fact that Spitzie is a moron who cannot handle a public altercation without acting like a deranged superhero. He has committed actual crimes and offenses for which you, or any other attorney, would be DISBARRED. Still a Toddy fan?

          • richard jorgensen

            i am just someone who is tired of Rackauckas embarrassing the county, and i know that no one else has a shot at beating Rackauckas (other than Spitzer). I would not say i am a fan, but, regarding the allegations, some things you wrote just don’t make any sense.

            Isn’t Spitzer’s wife a work comp judge? Work comp judges never investigate corruption, and do not have any contact with deputies, only CHP. If she has no control over the deputies, how did she use them to travel to another county to harass someone who was criticizing her husband? With everyone having cell phones, that video would have surfaced by now.

            Regarding the nursing home, this is the first i have heard about that. i may be totally wrong, but, why would anyone protect criminals that rape old people? if you are a mobster and ran a nursing home, why would you rape and kill your patients? That sounds crazy.

            There are a lot of general allegations, but no facts. Where are the when’s, how’s, where’s and why’s? If you have actual evidence of any Spitzer wrongdoing, i will not vote for him, no problem. But without actual evidence of corruption (like there is with Rackauckas), evidence of sexual harassment (like there is with Rackauckas), evidence of cover-ups (like there is with Rackauckas), evidence of sexting during hours (like there is with Rackauckas), evidence of violations of constitutional rights (like there is with Rackauckas), etc…, i cannot standby idly and let Rackauckas get reelected (and continue to embarrass the county).

            Again, is this Tony Rackauckas using a fake username?

          • Lyanna Lyns

            Spitzer sent the deputies, himself. Not Jamie.

            They hire people for minimum wage to heighten their profits. Check out the federal lawsuit, class action against SunMar Nursing. That is where it started. Then read the SacBeen investigative articles about the guy Schlomo who has been buying up nursing homes. They are huge cash cows. The patients were on life support, and their personal accounts, homes and property were being drained by the nusing home.

            This employee happened to go to law school for a year, first class was contracts. She happened to recognize a document was a quote, not a contract. This sent her down the rabbit hole into an eight year nightmare. If Spitzer had nothing to hide, why was he so afraid to testify? Why risk disbarrment, by doing something so unethical? He was notified he was on the witness list. He should have known better. Her claim was for $800! Why would the county spend hundreds of thousands to fight her? To discredit her? Humiliate her? Why did the county change how job references are done for her job class only? Why did Spitzer go to OCERS to discuss her retirement with the board? Why did this get so out of hand? The links between Spitzer, Nguyen and the CalOptima board? The nursing homes and huge donations to the war chests, in the name of a top GOP bigshot who happened to be their lawyer when the federal suit happened? The whole story is detailed and very complex, but it is true, and this woman never sought to profit from any of this, only to stop the corruption and abuse of her clients. Spitzer sent those deputies to her home, to shut her up. Why? What is he afraid of?

            Tony is ineffectual and has faults. But Todd Spitzer is as dirty as they come. Meet this woman, hear her story. See the evidence. You will know it is true.

    • verifiedsane

      Welcome Spitzer’s campaign army of ONE! You can paint all the lipstick on this Toad (whoops Todd) you want, and you will not make him a viable or qualified candidate for DA. Rackauckas, Sheriff Hutchens, and the BoS (which Spitzer is a member) have together turned OC into a nation-wide very bad joke. This election should be about ridding OC of the institutionalized corruption throughout government; not encouraging more the the same. have a nice day! 🙂

      • richard jorgensen

        Other than whatever happened in that Wahoos that day, can you name one other time where Spitzer did not do the right thing for the county?

        it isn’t fair to say Spitzer is corrupt without providing evidence, examples and/or instances.

        No one else has a shot at beating Rackauckas. With all of the BS going on in the DA’s office (federal investigations, grand jury investigations, sexting, harassment, political favoritism, legal incompetence, constitutional violations, etc…), undermining Spitzer just means that we have to put up with that buffoon for another term. Is that what you really, honestly want? i really hate going to court in other counties lately and listening to all of the lawyers and judges making fun of the OC because the DA is an idiot. i used to be proud to be a lawyer in the OC, and i hope to be again.

        i don’t care what you guys do; unless i see some evidence of corruption or incompetence, i am going give Spitzer a shot with my vote.

        • ocethics

          Without going into too much detail, Spitzer moved to deny the Registrar of Voters’ proposal to transition to vote centers, which would have saved tax payers over $10 million dollars and increased access to voters. There are many editorial and opinion articles you can read about this in the OCR, LAT, VOC, and it is believed it was because of his run for DA. He wants to decrease access for certain type of voters that he believes will not vote for him. When probed by reporters why he denied the proposal without public discussion, he said to ask the OC republican party!!! That right there is telling of his character and what type of politician he is.

          • verifiedsane

            And then there is his dubious & cozy relationship with the shamed and corrupt Sheriff Hutchens http://www.ocweekly.com/news/orange-county-sheriff-sandra-hutchens-failed-to-discredit-her-jailhouse-snitch-scandal-with-testimony-8250871. Notice how silent & dumb Spitzer has played when the sheriff requested the destruction of evidence from the BoS, and everything concerning the departments involvement in Snitch Scandal. This political sleaze is so desperate for the Sheriff’s and Union endorsement, he’ll get in bed with the devil if that is what it takes. This DA race is very much about character and integrity…neither Spitzer or Rackauckas are endeared with those basic human qualities and qualifications. Let’s us hope a real candidate enters this race to save our justice system and the citizenry from these disingenuous self serving crooks.

        • Lyanna Lyns

          That former employee of the county has the proof. Six boxes of files, emails,letters and documents. If you saw the proof, showing that Spitzer is a corrupt pig…then what?

          • richard jorgensen

            i would have to see what the evidence actually is. I litigate employment cases all of the time. When i sue a company, i often posture that we have more evidence than we actually do, to get a larger settlement. Sometimes it works, and sometimes they call us on it, and we walk away with a lot less than we had hoped for.

            An employee alleging wrongful termination always harbors a little bias (and a financial incentive), which has to be looked at with a certain level of skepticism. Believing a former employee, who claims that he has six boxes of evidence of corruption bursting the seams of the boxes, is a little naive. i would definitely like to see some of the worse emails, letter and documents before i cast my vote for DA in the upcoming election, but i suspect that those allegations are nothing more than legal puffing and shoe banging.

            To be honest with you, i am very curious to see what, if anything, actually surfaces from that litigation.

          • Lyanna Lyns

            She had a claim for $800. The county spent hundreds of thousands of YOUR tax dollars fighting that claim. Why? Because she was a whistleblower. She is not asking for a dime, and she wants nothing but justice for her clients. She’s a decent human being, who did her job ethically, and lost everything for it. There is no litigation, only a complaint about Spitzer’s obstruction of justice and continued harassment of this woman. She has no reason to lie, because she is asking for nothing.

  • Debby Bodkin

    Considering all the corruption that has transpired in the OC during the past 15 years, it is shocking to read all of the government officials that have endorsed Rackauckas’ re-election. Both Rackauckas and Spitzer are government and political insiders that know first hand about the filth in OC and have refused to act on behalf of children, adults and employees in the OC.

    SHAME on both of them for their abuses of power and authority. How dare they use the citizens of OC to laugh all the way to the bank while denying the civil rights of citizens. IMO, maybe they will both be federally indicted before another OC election–that is OC’s only hope!

  • Lyanna Lyns

    It will be very difficult for Spitzer to be DA when he’s been disbarred for misconduct and conflict of interest. Bye, Toddy…people have waited for years for their shot at you.

  • LFOldTimer

    The differences between Spitzer and T-Rack are greatly exaggerated. Both are cut from the same exact cloth. Oh, they’ll bicker and name-call as the cameras roll. But when you get that high up in the political food chain there’s a bond of sorts. Heck, rival Democrats and Republicans back slap and buy one another drinks in the smoke-filled rooms out of public view at the end of the business day. Democrats and Republicans wear different colored jerseys for show but play on the same team. It’s really a one-party system. Why do you think the Republicans who have the large majority in the House of Reps, the majority in the Senate and a Republican in the White House can’t pass any conservative legislation? Think about it.

    So don’t swallow the bait and take the theatrics seriously. These people are actors and actresses first. They specialize in deception. They take pride in their ability to fool you. Lying with a straight face takes years of practice.

  • David Zenger

    “That’s why I will not accept endorsements from any current elected official,” Spitzer wrote in his announcement.”

    Well, logically that makes sense. You can’t accept what you don’t have.

    • LFOldTimer

      Suddenly mild-mannered Todd dons his red superhero cape and becomes the county’s anti-corruption crusader. lol. Bring in the clowns.

      If nothing else, this DA election campaign season should be full of laughs right up to election night when the final vote tally is announced declaring either one of these 2 rascals the winner. Then any county resident with half-a-brain or an ounce of integrity will cry himself to sleep.

      • David Zenger

        Don’t give up hope. There’s got to be one honest lawyer in this county. True, I probably haven’t met him.

        • Lyanna Lyns

          There is. Her name is Susan Cyprian, and she would be an outstanding DA.

  • LFOldTimer

    How could any public official of integrity endorse either of these 2 rascals to be the next DA with a straight face?? lol.

    Maybe I answered my own question.

    What a snake pit of a county government. The laughing stock of the nation.

    PLEASE – Judge Goethals. Run for DA. You’d win by a landslide and clean house. Save our justice system.

    We need other VIABLE options. Otherwise, we’re royally screwed.

    • Lyanna Lyns

      There is an honest, compassionate, strong attorney named Susan Cyprian, a woman of exceptional integrity, and she would make an incredible DA.

  • verifiedsane

    The self serving political animal corruption twins running for DA….just laughable…

  • RyanCantor

    “First we have to clean up the corruption in the DA’s office and be fearless in the pursuit of public corruption wherever it exists. That’s why I will not accept endorsements from any current elected official,” Spitzer wrote in his announcement.

    That’s not why, but great sentiment.

    • Lyanna Lyns

      The real reason is because no one is going to endorse him when all of his misdeeds start trickling out.

  • Steve Grasha

    Sorry TODD, We are ALL Coming after you. You are going to get split open like a baby locked in a monkey cage. #NoElliotSpitzersInOC

    • gustavoarellano

      Spoken like a true Tony lover…

      • RyanCantor


        Splitting open babies. That’s real smooth, brah.

      • Lyanna Lyns

        You don’t have to love Tony to despise Spitzer.

    • Lyanna Lyns

      Oh, Steve, you haven’t seen the best stuff yet. It is awesome. Spitzer is ruined.