• verifiedsane

    Apathy and blind ignorance prevails in OC. The without home population problem pails in comparison to the criminal corruption operating behind closed doors throughout OC government and their subordinate agencies…after all, there is no real transparency or actual oversight by purposeful design…if the citizens really know what was going on, and learned how badly the ruling oligarchy has rigged the game…there would be a citizen revolt…but as they say…ignorance is cruelest from of quiet bliss…OC citizens appear to be just fine playing their role as herded blind sheep that are being lead over a cliff by the government wolves of their own creation.

  • LFOldTimer

    As long as the “citizen-owners” continue to elect total party-endorsed losers who are unethical and don’t give a damn about the common man – nothing will change.

    In most elections only about 20% of the “citizen-owners” bother to vote. lol.

    And those who do vote think that once they send in their absentee ballot that their job is done for another 2 years and they can go back to sleep. lol.

    Few “citizen-owners” show up to a council meeting or a supervisor’s meeting to participate in the political process.

    Most “citizen-owners” get the government that they deserve.