• David Zenger

    Hmm. I wonder if there’s another “developer” lurking in the shadows. Better check the 460 Forms.

  • Elise Woodard

    As a Laguna Niguel resident I would love to see the mixed-use downtown come to fruition. It appears that there is a lot that we still don’t know about this story. Lab Holdings could learn a lot from other developers about the use of social media to get the people of the community to rally around their projects. Other similar projects have seen great success by employing facebook campaigns to get the community’s support, and community members to actually show up at meetings to voice their desires for such development projects. That land is going to be developed, one way or another, we might as well get something we want in that space.

  • LFOldTimer

    Developers normally get whatever they want plus more from their crony ‘pay to play’ politicians.

    It’s nice to see one finally get hosed.

  • LagunaTri

    The County expects a $150 million mixed-use project to be built in two years yet can’t manage the homeless population in its own Civic Center. The developer has likely spent $5 million to get to this point. I’d say I hope he sues, but we’d all be paying for that settlement. At some point, elected officials need to held personally liable for the decisions they make. Maybe then they’d actually do their jobs instead of posturing for the next election or next public office.