• Anguiano

    Where are the parents? They need to watch their kids and stop worrying about THEMSELVES!!!!

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  • 0_0

    It’s the illegals. Not a shred of common sense.

  • David Zenger

    Rate of diagnoses, 15-19-year-olds, 2016:
    Male and female combined Orange County average Santa Ana
    Gonorrhea 125 per 100,000 198 per 100,000
    Chlamydia 973 per 100,000 1,572 per 100,000
    Source: Orange County Health Care Agency

    A better employment of the concept “rate” would show how those percentages have increased over a period of time. That way the statistics presented could at least support the title of the article.

  • Ddinox64

    Come on now. Mexicans are almost having sex at bus stops in front of people. Kids can’t contain themselves. Like animals in the zoo. Have no idea others are watching nor do they care.

  • frustrated

    “Poppin’ them babies out like they were goin’ outta style”.

    • Ddinox64

      Easy and free paycheck delivered to the door twice a month. And the more you have the more you make. Then toss in free debit cards to buy whatever because there is no regulation on them, only have to pay ten percent of the rent because tax payers pay the rest not to mention any other freebies the liberals give them.

  • frustrated

    “At this moment she’s leading a seven-week program called Cuidate, which roughly translates from Spanish into “Take care of yourself.” Teens here are first-time juvenile offenders, largely Latino”.

  • Ed Romero

    So apparently there are no SYD’s among High Income Students, only Low Income Students have the same desires as that P—- Grabber in the White House.

    • Ddinox64

      Prove he grabbed someones p. You can’t, not anyone can because he didn’t. Yet your hero Clinton was found guilty and obama F’ed up America for eight years. Didn’t you say you’d move out of America if he was elected? Still here huh?

      • Jordan Hoiberg

        My dude Ed’s quoting Trump’s own account of his sexual assault.

  • verifiedsane

    In a culture and educational system that indoctrinates youth with secular non-morals and values; why would we be seeing anything else. We reap, what we sow…..after all

    • LagunaTri

      Thank you! I’m tired of stuff like this being blamed on conditions, access, etc. It’s everywhere, and PARENTS need to their jobs to counter it.

      • Maria

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    • frustrated

      “Because you cannot legislate morals from the bench”.

      “All of the people that teach in the synagogues and on the streets are hypocrites for they like and even love to stand in those very places and pray out loud in order to garnet attention only to themselves”. – Jesus Christ