Curry: Newport Beach State Gas Tax Reversal Highlights Power of Debate in Democracy

Former Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry credits city council members for voting to reverse track this month on their decision to forgo state gas tax funds. Yet it was the public and columnists like Tom Johnson and Barbara Venezia, Curry writes, that really moved the ball. Curry notes the experience underscores the need for strong public comment, debate and engagement in Orange County’s civic life.

Kiff: Insider’s Guide to Newport Beach City Council Meeting

At Tuesday’s Newport Beach City Council meeting, three current members will step down (Mr. Curry, Mr. Petros, and Mr. Selich) as November election results are presented and three will take their place (Mr. Avery, Mr. Herdman, and Mr. O’Neill). Following that, the new Council will select a mayor and mayor pro tem for 2017.