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  • Carol

    I was homeless for a short time a few years ago after a layoff and went to Mercy House for assistance with a reporter who was covering my story as I struggled to get back on my feet. We went into the office and I was greeted by a young man who was quick to tell me there were no funds available to help me in any way as he hurried me out. I’ve spoken to several individuals with similar experiences, but haven’t spoken to anyone yet who has received any real help from them except referrals to other non-profit groups who ended up assisting them. If Mercy house ends up doing this project, I’ll be surprised if it has innovations that improve life for the homeless all that much.

  • aristotle

    Mercy Housing is unusually well-qualified to manage this pilot program that will surely be successful and lead to other innovations that will improve life for the homeless.

  • Carol

    The proposed offer of $206,00.00 to Mercy House to set up the one year pilot program here in Santa Ana with such basic bare bones services seems like an awful lot of money. Why not put the project out to bid so other worthy organizations have a chance to offer greater services for less money? I believe the need for additional services to help these homeless souls raise their quality of life is important, services to help them get out there and seek employment and /or independent housing. I think the Civic Center Roundtable is on to something, the current proposed offer to Mercy House just doesn’t add up to me.