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  • Mands

    It is really a choice between dumb and dumber. Moorlach has no skills in dealing with conflict. He’s a bully, and if he doesn’t like what you have to say, he will either shout you down or stick his head in the sand. Wagner is like the rest of the OC GOP good old boys…they really are bought and paid for, without a clue as to how people not in their circle live.

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  • Greg Diamond

    Good article, Norberto, but I think that the biggest part of the story may be in the Independent Expenditures. I’m interested in your take on the figures that I found here:


  • Rose72

    In reality, I don’t know of much difference, Moorlach approved 1.5 million to expedite applications for concealed weapons and also approved the expansion of the Musick jail to 120 acres 5 miles from the senior community of Laguna Woods Village when he was on the Board of Supervisors. Wagner is afraid to vote against any bills which will offend the NRA..
    “You may recall the 90% of Americans who wanted gun reform following the tragedy at Sandy Hook – but got none.We can keep protesting our own democracy, despite the facts, or we can actually deal with the root cause: concentrated wealth taking over our politics. And, like the best generations of American reformers before us, we can change the basic structures. We can actually build something – and the people will get the power back.”—-The Guardian