• Paul

    Why are people focused solely on the race of the candidates? So, all Latinos are only supposed to vote for Latinos…and all of the Vietnamese only vote for Vietnamese candidates and the rather large contingent of Americans of Korean decent, well, they are being left out of the process entirely right? Because I don’t see a lot of Korean sounding names on the city council. I find the fact that the group pushing the lawsuit somehow knows that the Latino vote is being suppressed because “if you look at Latino sounding surnames in the area, you think there would be more Latino sounding surnames in office. That is some racially biased thinking in my opinion. So, Latinos can only be counted on to cast their vote based on the surnames of the candidates? What about a greater percentage of voter participation in one community versus another…does that affect the vote? Maintaining that the Latino community’s voting is based solely on the surnames of candidates and not other factors such as age, socio-economic status, candidate opinions on issues, the candidate’s previous/current career choices…etc.