• Steve Friederang

    How cool is this! Get kids out of the house and active. The number one cause of accidental death in kids in the USA is drowning. Heart disease and diabetes is pandemic among our children and adults. I hope the center will teach lessons or join us at DrownproofAmerica to make sure kids get taught. The naysayers are wrong — this is great for this city. I used to coach a 240 member championship swim team in Garden Grove and can tell you this sort of venture is an investment in what matters most. Way to go Garden Grove!!

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      I agree with you on kids out of the house and get a move on it. And, true that, processed foods have processed people right into the hands of money driven medicine aka health care.

      This $100-Million USD investment however requires what? 300 to 600 USD per night. While great fun and exercise, unless your mom and dad are bankers, most will go for a day, a weekend, a week and be done with the fun. Kids get bored and over it fast these days you know.

      I believe some west GG residents lobbied for a sports, aquatic center for years. Of course, as we all know, city’s do not invest in parks and rec willingly since there is no cash return. Only socio returns and most cash strapped cities want cash not community well being.

      Maybe with the promised 8-Million a year they expect from this indoor water park, community well being will get a shot in Garden Grove. To date, it has stood in the back of the line and the cash has never made it past safety, city hall, pensions.

      We hope.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    I like the wolf at the entrance. And the wood plank embossed concrete is cool, too.

    The Lil Tykes on mega steroids plastic looking stuffs (sic), not so much. Although, USC co!ors, no fight on spirit there.

    I cannot imagine leaving your State designated “disadvantaged community” slash lower middle class neighborhood every morning and seeing that on your way out. Every morning, in your face, 100 million dollars for a chosen few at great expense to the greater good which is the actual community of residents whose taxes are being used for these projects without their voice/choice.

    What do you do? From federal down to local, integrity is no longer in the vocabulary. Does the community benefit? The Gotham cluster over at Harbor and Chapman, with hotels in GG but Anaheim in their name, ashamed to say GG, have realized what for The People of GG? The Alicante Princess, later Hyatt Alicante, for one, opened in 1986, $51-million fast ones back then. What benefit? For whom? Where?

  • @Dan Chmielewski

    Not a single word on Tait & Associates work on this project; guess its OK to get paid to work on a project that’s funded in a manger the Anaheim mayor would vote against in this own city. One would think he’d turn this business down on principle. Guess not. When money is going in his pocket.

  • Rene Salinas

    It is a big stretch to think that the average Garden Grove resident will believe that this is good for their town. To use their City Hall money to help this business is a shame.

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    I feel for the people who have to live near this awful monstrosity. The financial choice for many families will be Disneyland or indoor water park – one or the other not both – we all know who wins that one. Visitors will want to go to the beach – the real thing. And what about the massive waste of water? I thought we were dealing with a drought… maybe the 600 plus hotel rooms could be used to house the civic center homeless one day when the water park idea does the final circle around the drain.

    • David Zenger

      The operators claim to reclaim a high percentage of the water. However, the use of electricity to run pumps, filters and dehumidifiers will be enormous. What a waste.

      Plus, monstrosity.

  • Paul Lucas

    This is a really bad decision on behalf of the city council and a bad deal for garden grove residents. 96 million in crony capitalism on top of how many gallons of water per day frivolously wasted on an indoor water park to try and woo people away from Disneyland? Think about that for a minute. A family of four saves for two years to take that once in a lifetime vacation from the Mid-West to go to Disneyland to only be distracted by the thought of an indoor water park in Garden Grove? Seriously who actually thinks that’s going to happen?

  • David Zenger

    This is obviously going to be an unmitigated disaster. Who comes to Southern California to go to an indoor water park? All those mid-westerners could stay at home and do that.

    Unfortunately none of the advocates and drum-beaters for this idiocy will be around when the towel is finally thrown in.