• BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    I ride a bike daily, here, there, everywhere. For health. And I do hope, I really do, that if they build it, they will come and more people will ride a bikes or trikes.

    I would also like corridors that allow seniors to use their scooters. Or why not golf carts, too? Taking a golf cart to the store would be so much easier for some people, IF, they could safely get there. Tax credits for golf cart buyers, like they did in Arizona decades ago. To which I then say, slow lanes should be made off limits to all cars – yes, you read right, all cars off, no more slow lane for you – and used only for slow modes of transport. All slow lanes, seriously. Turn them over to bikes, skateboards, mopeds, scooters, and again, golf carts. If you build corridors that are safe for non-cars, more people will partake, and that would be a great thing to get off of the fossil fuel madness. But we already have corridors really, in every street, via every slow lane. The conversion of every slow lane by separating them from lanes 2,3,4 with median islands, pocket parks, to keep the slo mo people safe and if they feel safe, they will use this alternative.

    Build it. They will come. Or should I say re-purpose it, they will come?

  • Philmore

    Does ANYBODY know, or even bother to ask, just HOW MANY of OC’s total 3 Million population OWN a bicycle or regularly USE one ? Road funds are paid by ROAD users via gasoline surtaxes, what do USERS pay here? The folks who can TRULY DEMONSTRATE “bang for the buck” here, are construction companies/ unions and cement / asphalt vendors, from their POLITICAL donations. Are these really “Transportation Alternatives” of just expanded recreation opportunities for the upscale areas mentioned above ? HOW MANY low income workers will be trading their car commuting in THOSE locations for the benefits effervesced by Ms. Donchak ? How many of the RECIPIENTS of the $280K, much less the $20 M will be BIKING to work ???

    • David Zenger

      All good questions.