This diggity Dave guy seems like a freak. Maybe he’s smoking a little to much NOx?

    • Settle down there “Big Daddy”…. At least my original ‘banned’ comment finally got posted…

  • If anyone is interested in actual data, feel free to check the AQMD’s website. Link here to the 2012 AQMP


    oh that’s right, the refineries control the AQMD now….oh well whatcha gonna do

  • Welcome to the new ‘merica. I just attempted to post a comment here, as it says above..”make your own voice heard by commenting below”. My comment was merely stating the accuracy of the claim made by article’s author, that 60% of the NOx emissions in the basin is attributable to refineries, is actually false. The correct number is 1.5%. I guess there is no place for actual ‘facts’ in modern journalism.