• John Claxton

    This county is the laughing stock of the state. Mr Spitzer, what have you done to change the culture at the County where they are allowed to fire hardworking, caring employees like yourself – since you were unlawfully terminated? Why haven’t you done anything to change the culture of allowing all these EA’s to be unlawfully hired outside of federal guidelines? Why haven’t you done anything to the rest of of bad apples that ran the PAPG to the ground. They were all managers and at-will employees easily terminated, but they are all still there getting their fat paychecks(did the chief deputy TimBeason get a pay cut since they took the PA away from the PG and half his responsibilities with it? How about Ann Barlow who self promoted herself to an admin mgr III (was later demoted back to 2). I hear she is now the HR director at OCPW where all EA’s go when their masters no longer have jobs? Fix some of these cultures Mr. Spitzer so I can proudly vote for you for DA when your time comes.

  • OCservant_Leader

    I would have to agree with all that is stated BOS Spitzer.

    The PA/PG scandal is well documented. All participants were allowed to be transferred or retired. This scam highlights how the corrupt “family” operates.

    The fact that the DA’s wife was an executive – (without any education), then moved to the EA Steve Frank’s Agency OC Pork Parks -where all political appointees are protected -is outrageous. But he was nicely rewarded As his own wife got promoted who then in turn promotes the CEO’s sister etc. etc.

    This is RICO OC style because they are committing fraud and misusing public funds by the “family scam” of using public positions for their personal gain.