An Opinion on Proposition 16

Why haven’t we been hearing more about PG&E’s Scam about Proposition 16? To me it is obviously a corporation trying to protect it’s power monopoly through the initiative process.

Read a few facts here.

I am outraged when I see their TV ads proclaiming the proposition “protects” taxpayers and voters…it is a prop that can be approved by 51 percent of voters that will require 66 percent of registered voters to allow a city to open their market to competitive bidding.

The city of LA has its DWP, the city of Anaheim has its city Owned Power Company and I believe Long Beach and San Diego do also.

All these Utilities SAVE taxpayers/voters/residents money because 1) they do not pay Investors millions in dividends, and 2) they do not have 10 or more different corporate boards of directors with $million dollar paychecks. They are open to Public as well as elected officials scrutiny.

From what I have read, this bill is totally funded by Pacific Gas and Electric which has pledged to spend $35,000,000 to see their bill passed. It is also supported by Valero Energy and Tesoro Refining, Both TEXAS companies with refineries in Calif.

Why would outsiders be interested in California business?

John Green, Garden Grove