Former Orange County Police Officer to Be Arraigned on 63 Criminal Charges

Former Santa Ana and Stanton police officer Kevin Sianez will be arraigned this week on 63 charges tied to an investigation that he posed as a licensed private detective in several states, according to this Los Angeles Times story.

From the Times story:

[Sianez] allegedly scammed not just the scorned lovers and ex-spouses who found his business online, but also the real private investigators who might have known better. Those who went to the police were often told it was a civil matter. And those who tried to warn others believe Sianez came after them with a vengeance.

The 63 charges against the 53-year old Sianez include the following: grand theft; second-degree commercial burglary; possession of a firearm by a felon; theft; identity theft; perjury; computer access and fraud; and possession of ammunition by a prohibited person, according to the Times.

Also, the Times reported authorities accusing Sianez of engaging in a conspiracy to commit sexual assault of an animal by posting ads on Craigslist to have women engage in bestiality with his dog.

His attorney did not return calls seeking comment.



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