Who’s the City of Anaheim Taking to the All-Star Game?

More than 80 people have tickets to Major League Baseball’s All-Star game tonight courtesy of the city of Anaheim. But it could be as long as a month before we know which city officials got those tickets.

We do know that Mayor Curt Pringle has accepted four of the $250 tickets in one of the city’s luxury suites at Angel Stadium, but we don’t know who’s going with him.

Also, we know that four U.S. Marines will be in one of the suites compliments of City Council Member Harry Sidhu, who said he was too busy with work to attend the game.

The city has two 16-seat suites behind home plate and about 50 more field and club level seats. During the regular baseball season, seats in the suites have a face value of $200 each, but their face value went up to $250 for the All-Star game.

City policy allows council members, the city manager and a few other high-level city executives to give the tickets to charities or civic organizations. The policy (which follows state conflict of interest law) also gives the officials two options if they want to go themselves: They can sit in the seats if they pay the face value; or, like Pringle, claim them as income and pay taxes on their face value.

However, the names of city officials who receive the tickets must be disclosed within 30 days.


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