Mixed Messages From Santa Ana City Hall

So it looks like we’ve got a right-hand-not-knowing-what-the-left-hand-is-doing thing going on at Santa Ana City Hall.

While she was in the process of breaking Wednesday’s story on Mayor Miguel Pulido’s double-dipping on benefits, Voice of OC reporter Tracy Wood called the city for comment.

An executive assistant in City Manager Dave Ream’s office responded via email that the mayor “does not utilize the city’s benefit program, which is available to all City Council members.”

But then today, when the Orange County Register called City Hall to inquire, Pulido himself responded by saying: “I’m looking at that right now. Maybe we can make some modifications. … Can I merge them or somehow reduce the costs?”

That might be a good idea. But the first thing you should do, Mayor Pulido, is call the executive assistant in Dave Ream’s office and make sure you have your stories straight.