What Is Wrong with These People?

What is wrong with Southern California cities and their council members?

I just read the article and watched the video of Santa Ana’s council meeting. Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez’s response to a citizen’s criticism is unbelievable, especially since she is a deputy district attorney!

I find the clip very disturbing. It seems that our elected officials, wherever they may be, have found some self-righteous adulation in their ascension to the dais, and the conduct of the Santa Ana City Council is appalling.

I can not believe that this councilwoman is a deputy district attorney and that there is another lawyer on that council too. Shame on them both.

Only true believers in our system of government and those willing to get out and vote can change things. Unfortunately, in view of recent happenings in other Southern California cities, I believe this blatant violation of the Brown Act is more the norm than the exception.

I hope someone in authority takes action against them, but then again people are afraid of prosecutors and their unchecked power.

— Ourania Riddle, Dixon, Calif.


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