A Partisan View

We have an Election coming up again. A lot of important

decisions to be made. With so many wealthy people and

corporations throwing money at TV and radio advertising it

is scary that so many people build their lives around the

TV. Can they still read between the lines and see through

the deceptions?

Whitman and Fiorina, two washed out overpaid former CEO’s

got wealthy sending American jobs to India and China, yet

they have the audacity to campaign on the “Create Jobs”

bandwagon. Van Tran? he is just a yes man for the GOP.

Many of our Democrat representatives are afraid to say what

they have actually accomplished, so Republicans seem to sit

and blame the sorry state of affairs on them, People forget

that almost 30 years of republican domination has us where

we are, 30 years of de-regulation, allowing bankers and

corporations to do whatever they want. 30 years of tax

breaks for the wealthiest one percent, promising to trickle down the wealth, we really see that trickling down don’t we?

Now what do Republicans have in store? If they gain power

again, they have pledged to eliminate Social Security,

Medicare, and Unemployment. to give more perks to the

wealthiest 1 percent. I have paid hundreds of dollars a week into Soc Security, and I’ll be damned if I will stand for any Republican theft of those funds. Allow Democrats to finish what they started! That is to fix what the GOP has almost destroyed!

To make an America for Americans!

John Green, Garden Grove


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