Lalloway and Agran Lead Irvine City Council Race

The initial results from absentee ballots show Republican Jeff Lalloway and Democrat Larry Agran leading in the race for Irvine City Council, with Republican Lynn Schott in third. In Irvine, the top two vote getters will win seats on the council.

Lalloway has 24.7 percent of the early absentee vote, and Agran and Schott have 23.4 percent and 20.7 percent, respectively. Shiva Farivar is fourth, with 17.4 percent.

Keep in mind that we are still awaiting the results from today’s voting.

Outspoken Councilwoman Christina Shea is termed out, and Republican Lalloway is hoping to replace her as the voice of opposition to the council’s Democratic majority. Incumbent Agran is running to keep his council seat.

Here is the early absentee breakdown of other candidates:

Chris Moore:  7.9 percent

Yunus Aksoy: 3.1 percent

Bijan Mazarji: 2.8 percent