The OC Morning Report

The OC Morning Report …

A term limit has ended former Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle’s tumultuous two-year run as chairman of the High-Speed Rail Authority. He is being replaced by former Santa Ana Assemblyman Tom Umberg.

The change comes as the state Senate passes a bill to place the problem-plagued rail authority under the state’s Business, Transportation and Housing Agency.

Latino activists ask the federal Justice Department to investigate OC supervisors’ plan for considering redistricting.

Lawmakers to lose pay if they miss budget deadline.

State Sen. Lou Correa already lost pay when his wages were erroneously garnished by a debt collector who had the wrong guy.

The Register’s Scott Martindale gets a fascinating interview with ex-Capo Unified School Superintendant James Fleming, who reflects on the creation of an “enemies list” and the aftermath for the district.

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido talks about the controversy surrounding elephant rides at the Santa Ana Zoo.

The Register’s tech guru, Ian Hamilton, reports on a new website that shows the most crime-ridden areas of Orange County.

Costa Mesa looking into street investments in new budget.

Mitt Romney is making a fundraising stop in OC this month.



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