Lyle Overby, Lyle Overby & Associates

Lyle Overby is the Principal of Lyle Overby & Associates, a full service governmental relations and government relations strategy firm specializing in resolving the issues individuals and businesses have with local government within Orange County.

Lyle Overby is recognized for his expertise with the County of Orange, Orange County Transportation Authority, Orange County Transportation Corridor Agencies and the larger cities within Orange County.

Lyle Overby & Associates has served over 100 individual clients over the years with governmental issues, primarily specializing in land use and contractual disputes with local government.

Maintaining relationships with local governmental leaders and a number of long term continuous clients has been the underpinning of the success of Lyle Overby & Associates.

Overby worked for the Board of Supervisors as a staff assistant for eight years prior to starting his consulting business.

Lyle Overby & Associates is the senior governmental relations and advocacy firm in Orange County having been in continuous service since 1979.

Overby is also a California Real Estate Broker, Member of the Building Industry Association, has served on various boards of directors and is a veteran advisor to political candidates engaged in contested campaigns.