Cynthia Ward, Ward Associates


Born and raised in Anaheim, Cynthia Ward uses the research and documentation skills honed during a career in architectural history to dig into Orange County’s political mire.

A fiscal conservative with libertarian social views, Cynthia says she jumped into blogging because, “once you know about the crooked connections, waste and cronyism in government, you can’t ‘unknow’ it. Blogging gets it out, acting as a release valve, and is cheaper than therapy.”

Her freeform blogging style is now shifting into freelance work for traditional media outlets, covering subjects like crony capitalism, “climate change” mandates, and a new interest in the mortgage and foreclosure meltdown.

She was among the first in Orange County to oppose the High Speed Rail project, using her platform at to educate readers about the impacts of the largest transportation project in the country.

No matter what subject she is covering, sooner or later it leads back to how an issue relates to Anaheim, where Cynthia and her husband of 15 years are restoring the 1908 “Ward Family Money Pit and Gardens.”

Their semi empty nest is home to a spoiled Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named for Margaret Thatcher, who likes to reverse restoration efforts while Cynthia is distracted with a writing project.

“If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.”

Margaret Thatcher

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