Brenda Miller, Founder of PEDal – Advocacy for Pedestrians and People Who Pedal

Brenda Miller is one of Orange County’s preeminent bike activists.

An Orange County native who grew up in Garden Grove, Miller is graduate of UC Irvine with Bachelor degrees in Spanish and Biology and holds a J.D. from Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire (now the Univ. of N.H. School of Law).

For the last decade, she’s lived in San Clemente.

While serving several years on the San Clemente Planning Commission and city Traffic Task Force, Brenda became acutely aware of the need to improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation system–especially near schools–by properly integrating bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure with existing roadways.

Consequently, she founded the non-motorized transportation advocacy group, PEDal.

She continues to work closely with the City as it authors its first Mobility and Complete Streets Plan, which, by Council resolution, will be fully integrated with the City’s new General Plan.

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