Rose Tingle

Rose Tingle is an Orange County resident and considers herself to be a voice for animals.

Working for the Department of Defense for 35 years as a Contract Administrator and Industrial Specialist, she became acquainted with the operations of corporations and small “ma and pa” shops as well as government contracting. Deciding it was time for a “change of scenery,” she retired to pursue other avenues.

After starting a photography business but volunteering in several areas, it soon became apparent that animal welfare was the most fulfilling. At first it was hands-on care at a local animal shelter. Then learning of the Faith Outreach Program of the Humane Society of the U.S., she founded and was the leader of the Animal Kinship Ministry at her church of four years.

Due to recent scientific acknowledgements, she believes we are finally seeing a paradigm shift in how we see nonhuman animals and recognizes how we treat them eventually equates to how we treat each other. She believes education in this area is paramount to creating a better world for all of us.

Rose still dabbles in photography. She is a mother and grandmother.

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