Editorial: Signs to Dine By

Orange County supervisors are struggling with how to best alert the county’s diner-outters to which eatery is “good” (green), “maybe” (yellow) or “take your chances, eat dangerously” (red).

In that large, sprawling, unruly neighbor to our north (LaLaLand), they letter-grade their public eateries A, B or C — simple, easy-to-understand signage posted on every eatery’s front door or window.

But to OC’s culinary-concerned supervisors, LA’s simple ABC’s of what door to enter or not is too vin ordinaire for OC’s complex taste buds, as discerning diners quest for local haute cuisine that won’t get us chauffeured away via paramedics.

What is OC’s current, food-code ratings system anyway?

Not sure? Maybe they’re printed in invisible ink?

That said, if OC’s fine dining supervisors do decide on green is good, yellow is iffy and red is run for it window posters, the advanced design team here at Blondcounty Designs R Us suggest an additional garnish: adding graphic facial expressions to the green, yellow and red motifs.

Making it perfectly clear when entering any of OC’s fine dining choices, we’ll walk out happy and not roll out.

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