Westminster Adds Its Support to Vietnam Human Rights Bill

The five Westminster City Council members Wednesday added their unanimous support to a Congressional bill imposing financial and travel sanctions on human rights abusers in Vietnam.

The vote followed neighboring Garden Grove and other groups in symbolically backing HR 4254 by Rep. Ed Royce (R-Fullerton.)

The Royce bill would create a list of individuals prohibited from entering the United States and purchasing, importing or exporting property and other financial transactions. The sanctions only would be lifted if Vietnam agrees to free political prisoners, ceases imprisonment of Vietnamese citizens for engaging in peaceful political activity, and conducts a transparent investigation into the killings of political activists.

The council also declared a Level I drought, activating previous restrictions on water use in response to mandatory regulations passed by the state water board in July.

In 2009, the city passed an ordinance with permanent restrictions aimed at water conservation, including limits on watering during the day and prohibitions on washing down paved surfaces.

In addition to existing restrictions, during a Level I drought residents are limited to watering four days a week, based on a city schedule. During the winter months, November through March, watering will be limited to two  days a week.

Residents can be fined for failing to comply after their first two violations. Third or fourth violations could cost up to $150, while fifth and any subsequent violations could be subject to a $250 fine or even result in a discontinuation of service.

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