Irvine Give Directs Attention to Veterans Housing

Irvine City Council members Tuesday night are set to discuss restructuring the ad-hoc committee that looked at a possible Orange County veterans cemetery to now study affordable housing for former members of the military.

The ad-hoc committee is being redesigned after Councilwoman Christina Shea pointed out the existing committee tackled the cemetery issue, but didn’t get around to addressing veterans housing.

“I think it’s very important we don’t leave that off to the side for any length of time,” Shea said at the Aug. 26 council meeting. “We read so much about our veterans coming home, and they have no place to live… it’s just disgusting.”

A city staff report recommends appointing two council members, a planning commissioner nominated by the planning commission, three veterans representatives, an affordable housing representative and one representative each from developers FivePoint Communities and the Irvine Company.

The Irvine City Council meeting begins at 5 p.m. Tuesday and the full agenda can be viewed by clicking here.

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