• Abiding citizen

    Can’t forget to wear your “mk” scarf to your son’s burial. Gotta look good for the cameras even though no tears are coming out, but she still gotta make herself look like she “cares” now. WHY WASN’T SHE CRYING WHEN HER SON WAS ON THE STREETS LATE AT NIGHT HANGING OUT WITH THE HOMMIES?? WHY DIDN’T SHE TRY TO GET ATTENTION BY INTERVENING TO PREVENT HER SON FROM BEING ON THE STREETS AND JOINING A GANG WHEN HER SON WAS ALIVE?? Buuut, I’m sure she “cares” now. especially in front of the cameras. Oh boo hoo hoo… Cry me a river.. Smh.. Oh please..

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  • Robert Darley

    Meanwhile, the article features a up-close color photo of the grieving mother!