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  • A. B. J.

    Sounds like it is time for the Orange County BOS to be held accountable and the right man is on the job to make that happen. I love seeing people who have the integrity and grit to expose government corruption at any level.

  • octaxpayer

    Basically everything the employees told the BOS is now
    coming fourth. This seems to be a
    repeated pattern within the County. Nearly every project is now in some sort of
    problem or investigation. Is it not
    obvious that the same IT management and PMO office namely Martha
    Campbell, Director, Project Management
    Office. The BOS, Mahesh, and Christina Koslosky were warned by employees as well as IT upper
    management yet they would keep covering up the deeper details of what needed to
    be in the contract. The thought behind this was they figured when they needed
    additional funds the BOS would just give in to the demands and blame the
    vendors. When is upper management going to be accountable for the mess they
    keep allowing? Those of us that new the truths are working in a hostile
    environment and told to keep quiet or lose your job. The reason staff now has
    to pick up work is because of a bad contract that was over seen by Christina
    Koslosky. Ironically she now has been placed as the new CIO. Seems like this is
    another repeated County mistake. The entire incompetent management keeps
    getting promoted. BOS when will you hold those managers accountable that
    assisted with the contract?

    will you stop the repeated mistakes? Your trust is with the wrong staff. All I
    see is wasted tax dollars.

  • octaxpayer

    I think it time to audit CEO/IT again to include hiding GSA outsourcing from BOS.